GamesRadar: Monster Hunter Tri Hands-On

After landing at Moga Island's quaint fishing docks – the main (and literal) port of call for the single-player adventure – it takes roughly three minutes to kill your first monster. Step 1: Purchase whomping stick (a Great Sword, just under twice our height). Step 2: Enter the mountains. Step 3: Whomp away. The kill undermines Moga's natural splendour. Stepping out onto the mountain plateau and seeing the island stretch out takes the breath away – think Sam Neill eyeing Jurassic Park for the first time.

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EvilTwin3180d ago

"Fans don’t pour hundreds of hours into this game gawping at ecosystem AI – motivation stems entirely from the lure of bigger, pointier sticks, and bigger, nastier monsters to be poked. Step back and the entire game is driven by one cruel cycle of production: kill monster, harvest bones and skin to build bigger weapon, kill bigger monster, harvest bigger bones...and so on."

I know this game is going to look marvelous. And it looks like Capcom and Nintendo are going to do the online portion right and market it.

...but the more I read about it, the less and less it seems like I'll want to buy this. Co-op hunting for the sake of armor and weaponry just sounds "eh" to me. But I'm probably in the minority, so flame away. ; )

PS360WII3180d ago

rabble rabble rabble ;)

Well it's not for everyone that's for sure. Seems like it'll be fun running around and going hunting but without a princes to rescue or a galaxy to save...

SpoonyRedMage3180d ago

Yah, it's a grind and whilst that may put people off it's also the appeal. There's always something to do!

FinalomegaS3180d ago

guess people play Multiplayer FPS for the constant re-spawning, run and gun and get own or own ppl ..over... and over... over and over again. ( repetition)

How many levels did PSO have but the online aspect of it kept people still playing even to this day.

Once you understand that it's like an MMO and the same old will come about ( like every other game) you'll be fine.

After playing games that are 10 to 20 hours long , tell me you're still playing them... I don't think so. But here's a game that will make you spend hundreds ,thousands of hours. Think i'll get my moneys worth.