IGN: Not So Professional After All

After laying claim to the most coveted video game honor and receiving rave reviews from the video games press it seems IGN has wasted no time trying to throw the development efforts Naughty Dog under the bus. In a recent post by IGN's Greg Miller, the writer felt inclined to bring his personal opinions to work in his recent post comparative entitled "PS3 Perspective: Mass Effect 2 is Better than Uncharted, Deal with it, fanboy."

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gumgum993273d ago

Greg Miller=Bipolar


pippoppow3273d ago

Within the span of a few months their amateurism has shown brightly. Very unprofessional from one of the more popular gaming sites.

Many people have claimed they favor the PS3 the least and they have not disproved it lately at all. I wonder how much money the console makers spend on a site like IGN. I notice that all multi-platform games get posted in the 360 section. This is like viral marketing and gives more clicks to the 360 section of the site. Maybe done due to MS giving more money than others or done to coerce MS to advertise more since they most likely are willing to spend more on marketing?

Either way something is wrong at IGN.

Also, how many articles are they going to make about ME2? Maybe they'll get their own version of X-plays T'square and have a biweekly ME2 tips until the next game comes out.