Game Critics: Mass Effect 2 Review

Game Critics writes: "It goes without saying that the original Mass Effect was an incredible title. Although by no means perfect, the third-person, team-based space opera did a great job of combining action and RPG, while heavily infusing them with emotion and drama. It succeeded on so many levels that I awarded it the highest possible score-one of only two such ratings I've ever given. Unfortunately, though Mass Effect 2 still scores some hits in terms of story and characterization, I don't feel that the overall design successfully negotiated the walk across that long, thin rope."

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PoSTedUP3176d ago

wish i had a 360 for this game, dont have too much time for games right now though.

Rockox3176d ago

It's a fantastic game. I'm having a great time playing it.

FamilyGuy3176d ago

It seems no one agrees or wants to talk about this particular review. (currently at 30 degrees)

EvilCackle3176d ago

What a crock of sh*t. The lowest score ALWAYS gets attention. There have been plenty of ME2 reviews that haven't gotten front paged.

Immortal Kaim3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

LOL fanboys are gonna be mad. Oh well, you can't like every game right?

I think the abomination that is metacritic can also have a negative impact on review scores if sites see an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Giving a highly rated game a much lower than average score means your review takes its prominent place at the bottom, and the same applies to the opposite end of the spectrum. I'm certainly not saying that is the case with this review, because it would be childish and immature to debate against someone else's opinion of a game, it is their prerogative. As long as a review manages to accurately detail why a game deserves the score it gets, then I'm happy with it.

Raf1k13176d ago

I personally like to check out the odd low score every for whatever it is I'm interested in buying. The top scoring reviews tend to on and on about how great something is.

I find that the lower scoring reviews can give you an insight into the things (however big or small) that might be an issue for me personally which may not get picked up on by a rave review.

This game is a solid 9+ for me. I loved all the tough choices I had to make throughout the game knowing it will impact the way the story unfolds not only in this game but also ME3. The story and the tough choices are what suck you into this game and that's why I want to see other games do things in the same way.

Aquanox3176d ago

What a better way to get clicks than under scoring a game that is getting massive attention for its almost perfect reviews?

Pretty sad though.

Fat Bastard3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

It would appear that according to this review, Mass Effect 2 is not the glorious perfect game that some websites seem to want us to believe


@ disagrees. So I suppose that 'according to this review' it is the glorious perfect game?

Bigpappy3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

ME2 is now officially a flop. I have no idea what people are comparing ME2 to. If you give this game 7.5/10 what do you give other RPG's that don't do 1/10 of what ME2 does. I think that when certain games get too much praise some people take it upon themselves to try and add some balance. What ends up happening is the reviewer ends up being dishonest. Because they end up giving much lesser games, a higher score. I didn't want to give this site my hit, because I play the game and know that there is no way this is a 7/10 game. I have to see how this site rated other games.

Ammended: I don't even see and scores on the review pages of this site. Where are the scores?

SaberEdge3176d ago

Harsh critic. Oh well, it's his opinion. For me its the best damn game I have played.

Simon_Brezhnev3176d ago

Mass Effect 2 is a good game but its great IMO. Right now im at the part ***SPOILER ALERT*** where you just help Legion reprogram his geth buddies.

Bnet3433176d ago

Here's the guys favorite games of all time:

10> Tekken (Series) - PS1, PS2, PSP, 9> Persona 3 - PS2, 8> Shadow Hearts - PS2, 7> Mass Effect - Xbox 360, 6> Darkstalkers II - Saturn, 5> Shenmue II - Xbox, 4> Phoenix Wright - DS, 3> Final Fantasy X - PS2, 2> Vandal Hearts - PS1, 1> Snatcher - Sega CD

How is Mass Effect 2 his 7th fav game of all time and he gave it a 7.5? Also, he loves JRPGs alot.

Homicide3176d ago

^^That's Mass Effect 1.

smittyjerkins3176d ago

The review is actually well thought out and the reviewer makes a solid argument for why he gave it a 7.5. He said it wasn't a bad game, but he preferred the first one because it felt less stripped down for the masses. I have to say I like this review a lot more for actually taking in both the positives and negatives and coming to the conclusion that the game is still a good buy, but not without fault. Much better than IGN's which can basically be summed up as, "OMG dis game is SO EAZYto get into, and story has lots of words, play like gears and ITZ PURTY! 9.6!"

Bigpappy3176d ago

His job is not to look at what they did in the first and judge the game on what he thinks they should have done in part 2. The should look at what the developer was trying to do with part 2, and see if they accomplished that is a well executed and fun way. I also missed some aspects of ME1 and would have like to see them in ME2. But, I am not going to try and pigeon hold the developer to my expectations, I think it is great that when they change up the gameplay So it doesn't feel like just an expansion of the same. I respect his points, but I don't think those expectations should reduce the review score of a great game by 20%. Most people fell ME2 is better than ME1 in almost every way.

smittyjerkins3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

To tell you the truth I feel most reviewers are hyperbolic when they review anyways. For games they don't like, they will give the game the lowest possible score they can with it BARELY making sense. Then for games they like a lot, they will give it some ridiculously high score that also does not make any sense. Personally I found that this review was fair because he did not give it a 5 for finding fault with it, but instead said that even though he didn't like quite a few of the changes the game was still fun and worth a buy. It's rare that you will see a review that has thought and effort put into it (ESPECIALLY ON IGN), and I commend this reviewer for giving it a fair score. To tell you the truth, barely any games should be receiving 9-10's anyways, 9-10's should be RARE, but with today's Gaming "Journalists" they are EVERYWHERE. It's the main reason why I don't even listen to these idiotic reviewers anymore, they don't know what they are talking about 90% of the time. At least this one had the decency to point out what he did and didn't like and give a score following it that was completely logical.

Edit: Also, how can someone's approach to reviewing be wrong? Reviews are just OPINIONS.

Edit 2: Loving this site. I just read the MW2 review and they said it was basically made for $$$ and not really as a fun and enjoyable game for players. I'm also liking their higher level language, it's obvious this site is for adults and not 12 year-old's, which is the polar opposite of IGN.

Butt Shingles3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

Maybe Microsoft should blacklist them for the low review. It seems to be the trend these days...

smittyjerkins3176d ago

I don't get why I'm getting so many disagrees here. I was not hating on Mass Effect 2, but complementing on the reviewer for discussing what he liked and didn't like about the game. Also, this website doesn't even give scores for their reviews, but instead talk about their experience with the game, it was whatever a$$fvck that contributed that gave a score that the website didn't even give. Hate the contributor for being a liar and handing out flamebait, not me.

JokesOnYou3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

His only job is to review the game and tell us/his readers what he thought of the game and then of course score it accordingly.

I'm not a reviewer but I think independently enough to know that if I did review games the worst part of the job for me would be having to get deal with all the annoying comments from over-sensitive gamers telling ME how I should have reviewed a game and how wrong I am. Its fine and I can deal with a dissagreement in principle, I love to hear WHY someone disagree's with some of my statements in reference to the merits of the game, but in the end that doesn't change how I felt....I mean there's really nothing wrong with me liking ME2 more than 1 because there was more emphasizes on combat than rpg elements compared to ME1, to me they perfected the balance in ME2 and that can make a big difference in how much a person enjoys it, so yeah this guy gave ME2 a 7.5 there are many, many more sites that loved the game and so really it doesn't matter but I'll just say I disagree with this site and move on.


edit: @ MattCielo, I just noticed that too....wheres the score?

smittyjerkins3176d ago

The contributor is flaming us! They didn't give the game a score. The reviewer just said how he felt about the game, and then gave closing comments.

LtSkittles3176d ago

For the score you have to do control+f 7.5

Bigpappy3176d ago

My point was not to tell him what his opinion should be, but to criticize him for trying to tell the developer what should have been included for their first game. It is not the reviewer's roll to make these decisions. It is their roll to let the users know if the developers did a good enough job, with the product at hand, to warrant their hard earned cash. If read most responses and reviews from people who played the game, you will find that 75-80% prefer ME2 and the changes Bioware made. If the game is scored on its own merit I thing it will be better than 7.5. He is not the only one to do this by the way. A french site did the same thing in one of the early reviews I read here on N4G. I still do not believe this guy put a score to the game. I think the N4G contributor just put that there. He should not have done that.

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BeaArthur3176d ago

Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I pretty much wrote this one off when...

LOW = The collective lack of surprise at Shepard's resurrection.

WTF = Do people really want to have sex with grotesque alien crewmates?

I mean really, these are the things that concern you about the game? I also thought it was interesting that he though gathering a team doesn't constitute a story line. And that he gave Mass Effect such a high score but clearly thinks ME2 is inferior is also kind of funny. ME2 surpasses ME in just about every way. Maybe you don't like the story quite as much but everything from graphics to gameplay has been improved.

Rockox3176d ago

I really dig the disclosures at the end of the review which states how long it took the reviewer to complete the game, whether or not the game was completed, ESRB ratings, and any concerns for the deaf and hard of hearing. That's a nice touch I don't see too often, granted I don't tend to read many reviews, either.

GiantEnemyCrab3176d ago

I noticed Mass Effect is in this guys top 10 games and is in his current favorites.. I think he just wanted ME2 to be just like ME1 which THANKFULLY Bioware did not do. I love the improvements.

iHEARTboobs3176d ago

That's the only part so far that I can do without. I'd actually prefer to do it on the Mako.

ZombieRollz3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

I sure wish I had a 360 to play this 7.5 of a game. Oh wait, I can play it on the PC? Cool.

Bill Gates3176d ago



Heartbroken-Menace3176d ago

It's not a crime, it's not fanboyism(it can be sometimes), it's just a different opinion. Besides, ME2 isn't perfect either way.

Aleusia3176d ago

it certainly isn't perfect and the concept itself is pretty overdone in the US anyway, typical shooter/wrpg hybrid with even more shooter elements than RPG, how do you honestly call it an RPG?