"Haze is seemless - no loading screens, no mission selects"

In an exclusive interview with Free Radical in issue 4 of P3Zine, the free PlayStation 3 magazine, Free Radical confirms that Haze will be a completely immersive experience: "there are no loading screen in real life, my friend!" They also talk about the PS3, online modes and AI development. Click here to download the free PlayStation 3 magazine.

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Bits-N-Kibbles4135d ago

that Haze will become a Wii exclusive game, and be a hit the first week, and and then fall off the charts and never be remembered again... :)

akaFullMetal4135d ago

since it is also coming to 360 and pc, besides the ps3 i think it is going to be a great game, sounds great with no load times or menu's, also with a matrix like effect with the drug nector, cant wait ;)

Bits-N-Kibbles4135d ago

I was only kidding... but yeah, I think it will be an awesome game, great ideas. Love the concept that the nector gives the people using it a false perseption of the world to hide them from the depressing reality.

zantetsuken4135d ago

Ubi retracted the statement about Haze going to 360 and PC.

razer4135d ago

They didn't retract the statement, they just removed the release dates from the schedule. This game was already demo'd on a Xbox 360 at E3 last year and looked great. Mark my words, this game will see a release on the other platforms(minus the Wii).

I will be picking it up on whatever platform has it first.

Meus Renaissance4135d ago

Developers have said the PS3 will be their lead platform so this should be mighty impressive. Hopefully

akaFullMetal4135d ago

it also looks awesome, ive seen some crytek crysis comparisons and they do look very close or the same, cant wait though this fall is going to be great

Apocalypse Shadow4135d ago naughty dog games.just keep on streaming.

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The story is too old to be commented.