Game Informer: Dante's Inferno Review

If ripping off the gameplay of another title was a sin, there'd be a circle in hell reserved exclusively for Dante's Inferno. Its combat, magic system, finishing moves, and various other gameplay mechanics unapologetically ape God of War to the point where Kratos fans will feel right at home in Lucifer's den. Inferno mimics even the most mundane and inexplicable tasks, like requiring the player to mash the action button to open doors, cementing this title's status as a bonafide God of War copycat.

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Ausbo3268d ago

i guess this is as close to god of war that 360 players can experience. As for ps3 owners gow will easily crush this game.

I really don't care to much for the hack n' slash.

BeaArthur3268d ago

I thought this game would score higher based on the demo, but it does in fact appear to be very average.

gillri3268d ago

I also thought it would get higher based on the demo maybe around 85 on Metacritic

oh well I might wait for it to come down in price now, its not like I dont have lots of games to play

need to complete ME2, playthrough a renegade run on ME1, bioshock 2
then Heavy Rain, then GOW 3

although I gotta say heavy rain is exciting me more than heavy rain

nycredude3268d ago

Where are all those people calling me names cause I said this game wouldn't be good? And 8 hours? Come on!

Rhezin3268d ago

been getting kinda average reviews. Still buying it though, I really need to explore the 9 circles of HELL. After Dead Space I'll play through any Viceral game. I'm glad EA decided to man up and create a branch that deals with copious amounts of gore in video games. And they succeeded.

of course GOW will slash, rape, pillage, slice, behead, catapult, skin, tear apart, draw and quarter this game, but it's nice to have something to play till that ;)