Metro 2033: Most intriguing new FPS of 2010?

David Houghton: "Given the early nature of the last build we played, a few glaring issues hampered our enjoyment of Metro's dense atmosphere and clever ideas, but having just played the newest version for the 360, we can happily say that the game is now a whole lot better. What's more, we've discovered more than a few cool new elements that we certainly didn't expect. Want to learn more? You should. So read on."

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mjolliffe3182d ago

Saw some gameplay a few months ago now and it's utterly brilliant. Can't wait to get my hands on it...

JasonPC360PS3Wii3182d ago

It sure looks good and the gameplay looks smooth as butter. I like the story and the graphics are sick, as good as KZ2 if not better in ways. The lighting is just WOW! This game has sleeper hit all over it. 2010 has been great for Xbox owners and Windows PC owners so far.

36T3182d ago

Wow! This game came out of nowhere. It sounds better then i ever would've expected. Awesome!