Sony Europe announces EyePet 2

EyePet isn't even out in North America yet, but that hasn't stopped Sony from announcing a sequel to its flawed-but-adorable virtual pet.

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NateNater3181d ago

Already? But the first EyePet hasn't even hit the US yet :/

D4RkNIKON3181d ago

They did make mention of that in the article.

marinelife93181d ago

I'll wait until the second one is out then. My four year old will get it for her fifth birthday.

sinncross3181d ago

There is a lot of potential for expansion. I think the most obvious addition to Eyepet 2 would be the inclusion of different animal types, or at least a single new one.

FamilyGuy3181d ago

WTF is with these dudes? They negatively slant ANYTHING Sony and at ALL Opportunities.

From the (very short) article alone:

"its flawed-but-adorable virtual pet."

"I didn't realize the game had sold enough in Europe to warrant a sequel, but there you go."

"The original was alright, but it needed a lot more work put into it."

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yoghurt3181d ago

bit harsh saying it's flawed - my nephew certainly doesn't think it's flawed he loves it!

raztad3181d ago

Destructoid was expecting the pet to gain perks and launch tactical nukes.

Tomonobu Itagaki3181d ago

Destructoid was expecting the game to be on Xbox 360.

zetsuei13181d ago

I was rather interested on how many copies was sold, vgcharts said that it was 450k.

Good sale.

sinncross3181d ago

Yeah its done better then expected in Europe: nearly half a million.

I am pretty sure that a US and JPN release, with the motion controller patch can help the game hit a million, which would be good.

I, like many, prefer the God of Wars and Uncharted title that Sony make, but Eyepet does, nevertheless, only make their library for varied.

keysy4203181d ago

my kid wants this pretty bad

Blackcanary3181d ago

import it or buy it from the uk on ebay...

matta3180d ago

Let's milk them casuals.