GameZone | Army of Two: The 40th Day Review

Like watching two men show a passionate adoration for each other, but not in a gay way? Then Army of Two: The 40th Day should be right up your alley. Although it was mostly a bore, the combat was 'stupid' enough for two players to take pleasure from watching the train-wreck.

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jstefanovic3181d ago

word on the street is that it's not as good as the previous. Bummer, I thought they could have done a lot of cool stuff with the tandem gameplay.

Viewtiful3181d ago

That's surprising considering how boring the original was.

Caspel3181d ago

Bad Boys meets The Rock... nah. Army of Two isn't even as fun as that combination.

Kyrwolf3181d ago

gotta like that phrase 'bro-mance' though. as for the game, oh well.

redsquad3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

I enjoyed the first ARMY OF TWO, so when reviews began to trickle in about how EA had 'fixed' certain issues and improved the sequal I decided to give 40th DAY a go. Hey, it must be 'better', right? What a fool I was...

I was actually embarassed playing this game - terrible, terrible experience. Crap in every way. A '6' out of 10 seems overly generous to me.