GameZone | Metro 2033 Preview

THQ and 4A Games are readying a post-apocalyptic first-person shooter that focuses on delivering a solid narrative. Without a multiplayer component implemented, Metro 2033 shall be relying on excellent storytelling and atmosphere to draw in fans of the genre.

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Nakerman3180d ago

Looks interesting, might have to play with the Russian soundtrack!

slickguy19863180d ago

First person shooter? Sign me up!

Viewtiful3180d ago

Heh. If your interest in this game boils down to it being an FPS you may want to look elsewhere. This is about as far from Call of Duty as you could possibly get.

Caspel3180d ago

haha. I agree. this is much more in common with half-life than it does with cod.

jstefanovic3180d ago

if the engine is good, then the shooting movement should be nice, thus making this title worth playing. I hate it when it seems like you're gliding around instead of having more rigid movements: like stopping, turning, running, etc.

Nebenator3180d ago

Metro 2033 caught my eye after the screens and mention of fully Russian dialogue.

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