Kotaku: The Games You Won't Sell, The Games You Can't Sell

Buy a game. Play it. Decide whether to keep it or sell it back. That's the current cycle of a gamer's gaming life. In the near future, that third choice may evaporate. You may soon never sell a game again.

Two events this week, one of them involving one of the most famous franchises in gaming history, the other involving one of the biggest gaming publishers, demonstrate the two approaches being taken by game makers in what one might call the War On Used Game Sales. Sega announced that its next major Sonic The Hedgehog game would be downloadable. EA inadvertently leaked that its early February single-player Dante's Inferno game would be supported with a multiplayer expansion available in April.

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TiKiMaN13204d ago

Great article by Stephen Totilo. I believe this trend of publishers encouraging gamers to hang on to their game will continue. With more and more games supporting DLC harddrives will have to be even bigger next generation. With game installs, movies, and all of this extra content it is not hard to fill up 250GB.