Star Trek Online is on Server Overload

After one day, Star Trek Online servers are already overloaded. Tuesday marked the official launch of Cryptic Studio's MMORPG, Star Trek Online. Proving that Trek isn't just for geeks, fans flocked to the just-launched PC game
and have now overloaded the servers, catching Cryptic by surprise. Unlike other MMORPG launches, Star Trek Online came packed with a pre-installed fan base stretching back to the 1960's, making this overload unsurprising.

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Lucreto3174d ago

I have the game but I have yet to explore the area.

Does anyone know where DS9 is located?

jadenkorri3174d ago

its by a wormhole, you can't miss it...

im sorry i had to say it

Mikeyy3174d ago

Definitly not Delta quadrant. Just Borg and Voyager there.

diatom3174d ago

It's in Cardassian space ie lower left on galaxy map.

evilmonkey5013149d ago

should quit giving out false information.D1ck.

hazelamy3174d ago

unsurprising to everybody except cryptic it seems.