Rumor Killers: New Twisted Metal game, PSP Go Relaunch

Jennifer Allen of TheGameReviews gives her verdict on rumors of a new Twisted Metal game and a relaunch for Sony's flagging PSP Go.

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Haly3269d ago

The PSPGo needs all the luck it can get I think

Darkeyes3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

It needs a fu*kin UMD slot and a cheaper price tag. Sony should have just replaced the older PSP3000 with the new PSPGo with UMD (same flip out design) and a cheaper or more or less same price tag (of the 3000). The price tag is ridiculous. If you go to a shop and see a Go for 250$ and see a PS3 bundle with 299$ what are you gonna buy?

And on topic... I think a new Twisted Metal is gonna be announced this E3 for a late 2010 release. Something in my gut tells me it's gonna happen.

NateNater3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

All it needs is a little luck and a UMD drive.

And @ 1.2

Agreed 100%

captain-obvious3269d ago

i think its a 50% chance to be a TM game
because that teaser mushroom cloud was actually a clown's face
clown = sweet tooth

but on the other hand that clown doesn't actually look like sweet tooth
so it may not be a TM game and here your other 50%

Beast_Master3269d ago

Please.. Sony released the Go intentially to fail. Why? Simple to prove that DLC only is failure. Sony could have a successful go but they chose not to.. In order to not piss off the retailers. If Sony wanted the GO to be successfull all they had to do was price their digital games cheaper and since the go is cheaper to make price they could easily price it below the PSP3000..Heck even better below the DSI. But they obviously wanted the thing to be a failure.

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cain1413269d ago

I don't see much changing for the PSP GO. Seems like they made some misteps...

BetaChris3269d ago

I wouldn't necessary count on a full blown relaunch in the PSP Go's near future, but an incremental price drop by the time E3 rolls around is not only likely, but something I expect.

I have no hard evidence to back this up, but it's not unreasonable to think that it may drop $20-$30 by the summer.

Wastrel53269d ago

They need to scrap this GO nonsense and just make a decent PSP 2 with a wretched analogue stick, put a load of PS2 games up on the PSN and watch the money roll in. There are a ton of decent RPGs that would hugely benefit from being on a portable platform in this way.

Krud3269d ago

Good call on Sonic! (Dontcha just hate it when the situation changes right in the middle of writing an article? ':P)

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The story is too old to be commented.