Is Apple Already Planning the iPad 2?

A recent discovery by Mission Repair has sparked rumors that Apple is already planning the second iteration of its iPad tablet.

Tons and tons of sites have made a point of listing all the features missing from the iPad. Among them was a forward facing camera. With no camera present at all, many tech fans wondered what Apple was thinking not including either a forward facing camera or a more traditionally located camera on the back of the device.

It seems that in leaving the camera out, Apple was just being Apple. That is, the company left it out of the first device because they'll likely include the camera in an updated model in the future.

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RyuCloudStrife3181d ago

the better be, their current one just doesn't cut it...

Kakkoii3179d ago

Incredibly stupid question to ask. Of course they are. When you have products that go on a 1 year reiteration cycle you are always planning the next version. Hell, they are most likely already planning the third version also and thinking up ideas for the 4th.