Stephen Totilo Shows No Passion For Games, Thanks Kotaku

"Stephen Totilo is one of the well known gaming journalist in the industry and a very cool person, but has the move to hurt his gaming passion?

This video explains alot of what goes on behind the scenes in this industry and hopefully the gaming community as well as us journalist can remember to always be passionate for the games first not the paycheck.

1luv and god bless to my good friend Stephen Totilo"

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Dawn_Of_Ashes3176d ago

hiphop gamer website should be banned from the internet.

Persistantthug3176d ago

What is it about his opinion that causes you to feel he should be banned and/or censored?
Since when can people not have and express their opinions?

Seriously, this is the United States, not Iraq or communist Russia.

HHG has as much right to be here as anyone else.


That was classic. Had a good laugh. Very True. Keep doing your Thing HipHopGamer

thxkbye3175d ago

LOL THIS was great! Thanks!