Japanese Gamers Not Doing a 360

Microsoft battles nationalism, cultural differences, and Sony in Asia. What must they do to become the leader in this region, and what have they done wrong in the past?

The Xbox 360, the first of the next-gen game consoles and Microsoft's flagship device intended to make them the number one company in gaming is doing very well in the US, but has experienced a lackluster reception in Japan. Since this is an arena that MS must win over if it really wants to overtake the Sony Playstation juggernaut and the mega electronics corporation's stranglehold on the console gaming market, this is certainly the cause of some alarm up there in the Pacific Northwest.

In America the 360 is widely regarded as the Next Big Thing and has captured the hearts (and wallets) of gamers all over the country. Released a full year prior to the announced (finally) dates of the Playstation 3 and Nintendo's Wii system; the 360 is essentially without competition. No other console on the market can come close to it in terms of graphics and online capabilities. One would think that in Japan, where games are more a part of the culture than they are anywhere else in the world, the 360 would have been an instant hit. Yet the month of June provided another entry in a long line of abysmal sales figures for Bill Gates' software giant turned games company. Less than 1900 Xbox 360 consoles went home tucked under Japanese arms and the original Xbox sold a whopping total of eight units. Eight. That's four plus four, Dorothy Hamill's favorite number, the square root of 64; sold in a country with a population of 135 million people, most of whom play video games.

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gamerof3606538d ago (Edited 6538d ago )

I think MS needs to get more RPG's i dont think the 360 needs to "win" in Japan but they have to do better than this

specialguest6538d ago

yeap, that's all MS need more of and they'll be the perfect console.

quote from movie: Field of dreams "if you build it, they will come."

silent ninja6538d ago

.....AND to deliver in quatity and quality very soon

mike_mgoblue6538d ago (Edited 6538d ago )

Microsoft has two AWESOME RPG's that will be coming to the Xbox 360 in Japan in 2007: Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey. Both of those games are from the creator of Final Fantasy, which will make the Xbox 360 much more popular.

However, there is a reason why the Xbox 360 is the fastest selling system in 40 of 41 countries...with Japan being the only one that it isn't selling well. The reason is because there is no promise of three popular franchise games. In order, I will list those games.

Microsoft Employees...pay attention:

1. Dragon Quest is the most popular game in Japan. It is so popular that there is a rule in Japan that says Dragon Quest games cannot be launched on a weekday! Although DragonQuest doesn't sell nearly as well in North America or Europe, it is by far the most popular series in Japan in terms of sales.

2. Final Fantasy is also tremendously popular in Japan. Although Final Fantasy does not sell as well as Dragon Quest in Japan, it does sell better in North America, because it is usually based on more intense 3D graphics than Dragon Quest.

3. Virtua Fighter is BY FAR the most popular 3D fighting game series in Japan. The Dead or Alive series is popular in North America, and it even has a loyal following in Japan, but Virtua Fighter is the game that you need to get to achieve success in Japan. The fact that Microsoft has allowed Sony's Playstation 3 to receive both Virtua Fighter 5 and Tekken 6 exclusively is UNFORGIVEABLE!!! Whoever allowed that to happen should be fired!!! The reason for this is because both of those games are third-party games!!! Both of those games should be released in some form for the Xbox 360!!!

If Microsoft can get Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, and Virtua Fighter from the third-parties, then they will do fine in Japan, especially when their first-party games Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey arrive in Japan.

mike_mgoblue6538d ago

Microsoft Employees,

You need a NEW advertising agancy in Japan!!! The current Japanese ads on television show people using their Xbox 360's as drums, and the people are using their hands to clap the Xbox 360's!!! Then, all the people are dancing, and they run toward the Xbox 360...this is the stupidest videogame ad I have EVER seen!!!

Before you say, "Mike, there are cultural differences that you may not understand, so don't be so quick to criticize our advertising agency," please look at the sales figures. The Xbox 360 is selling VERY poorly in Japan!

Here is the solution:

(1) SHOW the games on television!
(2) Allow the games to be HEARD on television!
(3) SHOW the game screenshots in Famitsu and other gaming magazines...Sega didn't even bother to advertise Chromehounds in Japan, and other third party companies do the same irresponsible sort of things!
(4) The PROMISE of gaming potential is tremendously important in Japan. The Wii has a Dragon Quest game in the works, and the Playstation 3 has TWO Final Fantasy games that are being developed! Even though the Final Fantasy games won't be released until 2008, people still get excited about it, just because it will be released some day. PROMISE FOR POTENTIAL for games like Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, and Virtua Fighter is what success in Japan is all about!!!

BIadestarX6538d ago (Edited 6538d ago )

It is not about Microsoft or its games.
You see Microsoft is coming out with Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey and other RPGs. The problem it is with Japan; you don't believe me? Name one 1st party RPG game coming out for PS3. Just so you know there are more and will be more 1st RPG games for the 360 than the PS3. 3rd party’s developers only want to develop rpg games only for Japanese consoles; which explain why only the non-rpg games are published on the xbox 360 too. Japanese favor any japanese product over a foreign one; I understand a bit since I would do the same. This concept it is difficult to understand by Americans; since USA it is too diverse. Tell a German that German cars suck, or to a French that they can’t make sh** right. Tell a person from the Caribbean that their islands don't have good beaches. Now why should Japanese people favor an American console over their Japanese console? This is common sense so anybody saying otherwise is bull. Only Americans prefer everything non-American. Japanese developers do not want to fully support the XBox 360; take Square Soft/Square Enix; Japanese people complain that the 360 have too many shooters; what do they do? They are developing 1 title for the 360 and it is a shooter. It is almost like if they want the 360 to fail. The 360 needs Japanese 3rd party rpg games and that’s exactly what Japanese developer are not giving the 360. Japanese people don't want 1st microsoft(American) RPG games; they want 3rd party Japanese RPG games. So, I don't think is going to work for Microsoft in Japan. They should just market else where.

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neutralgamer1992410d ago (Edited 410d ago )

Actually great list TBH I agree with all 10

I hope one day we get some remakes for the following

The saboteur(with a proper remake and quality of life features this game could be great)
Scarface world is yours
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Would also like to suggest adding the mercenary series even the 2nd game which is disliked by many is a fun time

cthulhucultist410d ago

I recently finished Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine and found it to be very enjoyable.

The game respected the lore and the gameplay was quite decent.

The color palette was a bit underwhelming (backdrops and setting) and recycled but I think that it deserved better.

Here's hoping for an amazing sequel

Vengeance1138410d ago

Space Marine II !! My most anticipated game of 2023! Woot


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HeliosHex520d ago

Best game based on two movies that were never made goes to robocop vs terminator.

Owlbert520d ago

Did you play RoboCop Vs terminator... pretty sure it was on the mega drive) genisis.

HeliosHex520d ago

Yes played it on genesis for the blood. Snes had a version but I think the blood was censored not sure. I just remember genesis being the go to system for games with blood.

Owlbert520d ago

Alien isolation...ftw,it is definitely one of my top games,I played it again a few months ago ✌️


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Fishy Fingers1661d ago

Definite lack of Doves in games this gen.

TGG_overlord1661d ago

True that...Good thing that I still got the whole "Max Payne" series in my game collection.

TGG_overlord1661d ago

With no doubt, so this release sure made my day.

isarai1661d ago

Hmm, the thought of playing this through HDMI on my 4K TV through my rig sounds worth another playthrough of this gem. Especially at $10.

TGG_overlord1661d ago

I don't have a 4K tv or monitor I'm afraid :S But I'm going to pick up the game anyways ;)