Eidos plans Just cause 2 demo

Eidos has revealed via Twitter that a demo will be released for Just Cause 2.

"Just Cause 2 demo on its way, details to follow!" said the firm.

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BeaArthur3180d ago

I'll never frown on a free trial. Wasn't a big fan of the first one but I'll definitely check this out.

kingme713180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

I think this one will be a fun, sleeper hit. Along the lines of how Borderlands was unexpected. The gameplay just looks wacky and alot of fun. Has Eidos turned around their bad fortune from early in the generation with titles like Kane and Lynch to successes like Batman AA and (possibly)Just Cause 2? Only the shadow knows.

red2tango3180d ago

looks like a fun game, i appreciate the demo

FelicityOldGamer3180d ago

Its a great oportunity to test how this game goes...

I´ll give try for sure...

Games! That´s what matters!

PS: I am sorry for some problems with my english... it´s because I am a brazilian gamer , and my english it´s a little rusty.

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