Is PS3 Dropping The Ball?

Could this be the come back of Xbox 360?

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Sonyslave33205d ago

Come back lol what the xbox 360 always been in front of the ps3 so how can we call it a come back.

Heavy Rain
WKC are all flop.

young juice3205d ago

heavy rain's been getting incredible reviews everywhere.

MAG sucks.

and white knight chronicles was released 2 FU*KING years ago. that's like comparing halo:reach to bad company 1, or killzone 2 to resistance. WKC would have been great if people weren't already under the impression that jrpg's are dead and on top of that mass effect 2 just came out so WKC is completely overshadowed.

Karooo3205d ago

MAG is awesome fk you.

young juice3205d ago

ok i understand what you mean, i know alot of people who are addicted to to MAG like its crack.

its just not my type of game.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi_3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

I would rather have 'Heavy Rain + WKC + MAG' than 'NO' Exclusives this year yet like the 'xBox 360' has NOTHING(Exclusives yet???) WHY??? ;-D
(Ok Heavy Rain is not out yet but i'm sure there will still be no xBox 360 Exclusives out by the time it comes out)

Micro$oft are CLUELESS in the Gaming world!!! ;-D

blitz06233205d ago

Agree 100%. WKC has been overshadowed because of ME2's influence. It is a JRPG and reviewers here have tasted the new WRPG style of making your own decisions blah blah blah, but a traditional JRPG like WKC doesn't really hurt and it getting reviews is a sign that reviewers are getting tired of it. It is sad, but I'm glad I don't let reviews cloud my judgment of buying the game. So far I am enjoying WKC.

Trebius3205d ago

While the 360 fangirls sit by and WATCH us play games they'll never get to play, so they try to belittle them :)

It's just their jealousy talking ... they all say MAG sucks and Heavy Rain sucks and Resistance sucks and Infamous sucks and Uncharted sucks and MGR4 sucks and Ratchet sucks and Valkyria Chronicles sucks and blah blah blah, only cause they'll never play any of those games and they're STILL waiting for ONE exclusive game to come to their 360 while the ps3 gets them in abundance.

You're not fooling anyone bots :)

You're jealous cause you've got no games :) lol

I'd rather get 24 new games a year and have 10 of them flop than get only 1 game a year, HALO.

VileAndVicious3205d ago

Another one of these articles huh?? So because one of the PS3's flagship titles widely got a bag of VERY mixed reviews, its all over?
Look people the PS3 has been selling like hotcakes especially since Sept 09. Lol what makes you think all of a sudden just because Mass Effect was praised highly its the "THE PS3 IS DOOMED" speech ALL over again.

I agree Mass Effect 2 is a very good game, but that doesnt mean its the end of the war. And for the last time Its only a matter of months before it will be anounced it will be released on the PS3 anyway, Then youll all go back to playing your Halos and Gears of What-not. Microsoft still has to contend with Gran Turismo 5 AND God of war as well as a few suprises at the end of the year Im sure.

The PS3 aint goin no where. Try harder.

PS. Kartik 21 Bubbles for you. MAG IS awesome!

The Killer3205d ago

is the best online shooting game this gen so far. i it is crap than that means all online shooters are crap!!

Dev8 ing3204d ago

MAG is the last thing from a flagship title. GOW3 and GT5 are flagship titles.
did you see MAG get much advertising? Did you see a MAG bundle? No because it's not a flagship title. The bad reviews the game got are based on the beta everyone knows this and nobody cares because this game is going to sell by word of mouth. It is funny that fanboys call this game generic (as they do for all exclusive ps3 shooters.

Generic is something that is general, common, or inclusive rather than specific, unique, or selective. From wikipedia. Now MAG is pretty unique with it's 256 players, having 3 factions (most games only have 2) and the command structure (Squad leader, Platoon leader and Officer in Command). There is nothing common about MAG. To quote 1up "In fact, it's unlike anything else on any console system."

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yoghurt3205d ago

Yep, see what your saying

A stellar line up of exclusives on the way, a stellar line up already out, the only console with the latest HD movie playback format built in, outselling 360 worldwide, looking bad isn't it...

SL1M DADDY3205d ago

Sorry, but I don't see the 360 as having a need to be labeled the comeback kid. They have great games and the Ps3 has great games. So the PS3 outsold the 360 last year and continues to close the gap on sales but that in no way means the 360 is suffering.

Godmars2903205d ago

The only place the 360 is solidly selling is the US. It neck and neck in Europe but apparently losing ground, and its all but dead in Japan. So yes, its does sort of need a comeback.

There's also the little detail its gone from a 9 million to 5 million console lead. That if not for launching first, it would probably be in 3rd now.

eagle213205d ago

Yeah, PS3 owns the ball and will win the game. :)

wicko3205d ago

Short answer to the article: No.

Kushan3205d ago

Yeah but the real question regarding the PS3 and 360's Sales are - does it really matter?

Seriously, less say for the sake of argument that the PS3 outsold the 360 (as in total sales) tomorrow - would it change much? There's still 30million+ 360's out there, that's still half of the market so developers would be crazy to ignore it.

Think about when the PS3 first launched - 10million consoles behind the 360, yet it still got developer support. So its logical to assume that even if the PS3 shot ahead of the 360 by 10million units, developers would still support it because there's still a substantial 360 userbase out there.

And as long as Microsoft is serious about the industry, they'll always be willing to offer incentives for developers to be exclusive to the 360 (timed or otherwise), as will Sony.
It has been over 4 years now since the 360 launched, developers are already pretty invested in the console and the same with the PS3. I'd like to officially declare this console war a "tie", or at the very least a damn close finish, close enough that the next few years (new generation or not) could still be anyone's to have - and that's the way I like it.

SL1M DADDY3205d ago

I understand that but perhaps the best thing MS can do is drop Japan and put the resources into the other regions. One thing that Sony specializes in is hitting the globe by selling their consoles in so many more countries than MS. If MS focused on the countries they are successful in then maybe they could sell more and widen their profit margins.

Christopher3205d ago

For those who don't want to listen, he says that becaues IGN gave MAG a 7/10 and WKC a 5/10, that PS3 obviously has dropped the ball on these games.

First, WKC scored poorly in Japan as well, getting a 29/40 from Famitsu. It went on to sell well, but not FF numbers well. Why? There really wasn't much else out at that time for the PS3 and the Japanese crowd. It's also a game developed by an independent company, not a first-party Sony company.

Second, MAG is getting a lot of mixed reviews and definitely is finding it hard to place itself, but it's not a bad game as most will say. The fact that there is a game that's multiplayer FPS only and focused on large number battles, a first for the console market, it's obviously going to have a hard start.

Regardless of that, though, I wonder how he can complain about a ton of exclusives being available on the PS3 and expect them to all score 9/10 or higher? It has never happened that all exclusive titles on any console has scored high always, why is he trying to think that way now?

creatchee3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

That's not what he's saying.

Basically his concern is that Sony's high-profile releases this year (MAG, Heavy Rain, and White Knight Chronicles) have gotten shaky reviews (not so much HR - he was speaking of one review in particular on that game) after expectations had been high for them.

He brought up a very interesting point though - reviewers probably don't know how to review Heavy Rain properly, at least those reviewers that use their scores in comparison to other games, as there really aren't any other games out there to compare it to.
But really that's the predicament that most reviewers find themselves in - do I rate the game as a single entity or as an example of its genre.

When I review something, I review the experience that I have with it. The only time that I compare it to other games is when I am forced to (with similarities, overlaps, or straight-up ripping off). Basically, all I care about is the fun and overall time that I have with a particular game rather than thinking about it in terms of a predecessor.

Sidenote: Did anyone else notice that it took him almost 10 minutes to get to the idea listed in the title of this article? I mean, he could have called it "Upcoming Games and Rumors For the PS3" and it would have been a little more accurate.

@Slim: Microsoft pulling out of Japan would be a big mistake. Even though 360 sales are pretty bad over there, they have their foot in the door with Japanese developers for when they bring their products over here. Otherwise, maybe games like RE5 and Bayonetta would have been PS3 exclusives.

presto7173205d ago

But the rest of the year looks pretty darn good.

Godmars2903205d ago

MS actively dropping a market would just give Sony more momentum. Yes they could still buy JP devs for Western games, but that then leaves those same JP devs with no local revenue. Either going to the Wii or the PS3 to make their money while they experiment, or make clones of Western titles for the 360.

Aquanox3205d ago

In terms of library, yes. With 3 games PS3 already showing they didn't reach AAA status (WKS, MAG, Heavy Rain) the year relies on GT5 and God War 3, while being splendid titles the Xbox 360 still has a plethora of possible triple As coming this year, like Halo Reach, Fable 3, Alan Wake, Crackdown 2... let alone the Natal hype and the end of the year.

MyBlasterRunsHot3205d ago

That Javan guy is a cool dude

DaTruth3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

The quarter relies on GT5 and God of War 3! MS is the only one who has announced their back-half! Sony have not even announced R3 yet, KZ2 is expected this year and again, they haven't even announced a single title for their back-half!

They wouldn't be releasing 5 exclusives in a quarter if they didn't have anything for their back-half

FamilyGuy3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

WKCs was NOT one of Sonys "high profile titles". The only reason it ever received as much attention in the west as it has was because of how JRPG starved us PS3 owners have been. Sony has shown no support for the title, all interest came from the devs marketing and our currently low number of available RPGs.

MAG, review score wise, may be lower than what Sony expected but have you met anyone who actually purchased MAG say that they regretted the purchase?

Heavy Rain is in a niche market that will end up growing because of the release of this title which IS "high profile" so I can't consider that a failure either.

Saaking3204d ago

No, but the 360 did.. a long time ago.

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Gran Touring3205d ago

It's a slow start to 2010, but with God of War III and GT5 around the corner, it'll be a great year of PS3 owners...again

MajestieBeast3205d ago

Mag is a solid fps and highly enjoyable zipper did it again its a solid 8 and more enjoyable then mw2s camping.