IncGamers: Mafia II Interview

IncGamers caught up with 2K's Denby Grace to find out what we can expect from the open world crime sequel. Grace talks about the game world, combat and why "no other open world city comes close."

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Leord3179d ago

"The way the game is structured is that each mission is a day in Vito’s (our lead character’s) life. , So, sometimes mission X and mission Y happen on two days next to one another but in other missions there may be a three-month period between missions. So, from a story perspective, this allows us to easily switch it up and throw in variety as we feel it’s needed"

Pretty smart :)

AndyA3179d ago

Agreed, the worst thing about open world games, IMO, is repetitive missions. Drive, shoot, evade police.

thetamer3179d ago

it's not going to be any different to GTA

Fyzzu3179d ago

I'm going to guess you never played the first Mafia, then.

BeaArthur3179d ago

fyzzu is right, you clearly didn't play the original.

AndyA3179d ago

Indeed, two completely different games.

Maticus3179d ago

It sounds highly promising