GamesRadar: Sonic 4 trailer: 10 things no normal person would spot

So it's finally happened. Sonic the Hedgehog 4 has been announced. It's real, it's coming soon and there's a trailer to prove it, complete with a full two seconds of gameplay footage. Two. Full. Seconds.

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Shadow Flare3273d ago

Haha I am so excited about this game. I grew up with sonic man, it was my childhood. Its what made me love games to the extent I do today. Im friggin so excited about this. I can tell that the manner Sega are going about this game, I honestly don't think they'll screw this one up. They always make good 2d sonic's, and they're trying to make it like the originals. Day 1 buy for me. Thank you Sega. Long live Sonic the Hedgehog

NateNater3273d ago

Same here man. Been playin Sonic since the beginning! I'm way too excited for this game! Finally a true sequel! Hopefully Sega gets it right this time.

Shadow Flare3273d ago

It's a good article too and I feel the same as him on pretty much all points he raised. I think the 'bad' things are mostly things that can be brushed off though. I can put up with the rings being a little too big, just for the fact that we're getting this game in the first place. Though I hope sonic moves exactly in the same way he moves in the original games. Because that would detract from gameplay a little. Also, I, like the author hope they call Dr. Robotnik that name again. Eggman is just such a rubbish name. I would't worry about the episodes though. I read another article where Sega said they considered sonic 3 episode 1 and sonic and Knuckles episode 2 of the same story. So I wouldn't worry. I'd imagine this episode 1 will be a full length sonic game

RockmanII73273d ago

That 'Episode 1' scares me. Also not a big fan on how everything looks, wish they would of taken the Capcom approach and made it 16-bit graphics.

NateNater3273d ago

Nah I think 16-bit graphics would make it look a bit too old or outdated. Its a nice look for sonic but I think it looks better the way the way they are planning on doing it now. Its like a fusion of new and old.

And as for the Episode 1 deal, I really don't see a problem with it. To me, it just means more sonic! I say bring it on Sega!

Tito083273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

or Megaman X's graphic style, I have always preffered Sonic and Megaman over Mario!!!!

ChickeyCantor3273d ago

"And as for the Episode 1 deal, I really don't see a problem with it. To me, it just means more sonic! I say bring it on Sega!" do realise its never going to be a full game like the old ones if its episodic.

NateNater3273d ago

Yes it will. It just means it will be split up into episodes and I don't really have too much of a problem with that.

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Convas3273d ago

I remember when I was 10 (2001 LOL) , I bought the Super Sonic pack for PC (Sonic 1,2,3+Sonic and Knuckles) for $20. My mom was heated, but it was the best PC game I've ever bought (I haven't bought much, my PC sucks). I can't WAIT for this game!