Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Beta Now Played More than BF2

It's finally happened, there's more time being spent on the BFBC2 beta than on BF2. Even though the BFBC2 PC beta has only been released on a limited basis, gamers are turning to it more for their BF fix than the tried-and-true 4 1/2 year old BF2 that has been a mainstay in top ten for years.

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-Alpha3273d ago

The variety in a BF game is fantastic.

I did however like the beta much more than the demo:

-Arica Harbor is so much better than Port Valdez
-The demo is limited to one upgrade per class and no attachments

I can't wait for the final game.

solar3273d ago

ive been playing the hell outta the beta since release. very fun with a squad full of mates. many bugs/fixes need to be made to the final product, but im confident DICE will have a great game on their hands when it's released.

TheIneffableBob3273d ago

The main build actually has many of the bugs already fixed. The beta build we're playing right now is a fair bit older than what will be released on launch. Things like the server browser have been optimized and fixed and there are gameplay changes such as the amount of C4 needed to destroy a crate.

Pandamobile3273d ago

I played 43 hours of the beta this week it I'm still loving it. The only thing that REALLY pisses me off is the tards that destroy their own team's crates.


evrfighter3273d ago

luckily I havn't run across that yet. However thinking about it now, I'd probably do it to the teams that suicide rushed the crates when they were attackers.

I fully expect DICE to have these balance/griefing issues sorted out by release though.

I just ordered a 5870 to go along with my phenom II and I just BARELY (ya im still pissed). Barely missed getting the new acer 24" 120hz monitor. had it in my cart when I went to work and it was sold out when I got home.

SixZeroFour3273d ago

yea, same, luckily i havent had any crate destroyers on my own team...ive played about 12+ hours so far, and i dont think im gunna stop anytime soon (maybe when the actual game releases or when the REACH beta comes out) i love changing to a different class every sitting, learn a couple different tactic for the maps as well as become an all round player for the team...still wish more ppl would use their mics on the 360, im actually amazed at how little mic users i have come across that arent my friends

SilentNegotiator3273d ago

"The only thing that REALLY pisses me off is the tards that destroy their own team's crates"

Yeah, that always sucks. I have been lucky enough to not run into these types in the betas/demos I have been playing.....yet.

bjornbear3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

I haven't played anything else today...=/ its awesome =) but i'm really exploring it so it takes time

I noticed people complaining about 360 hit detection, but I haven't noticed any on PS3, anyone have any problems?

My main problem is the melee

when you use it, it gives a thumping sound, just like when you kill someone, and it can be desorientating if you miss.

maybe add something like KZ2 where blood comes out or you hear an additional sound to know you hit.

that is all!

ADD ME for squading =3

PSN: visualbear

I know its PC article but if any of you have PS3 and demo...go for it =)

-Alpha3273d ago

CQC has bee improved a lot since beta mainly due the controls being much more responsive.

As for knife kills, I first love how they actually take skill *cough* MW2 *cough*. I find myself missing a few of them because I'm so used to MW doing it for me.

But like anything else just look at the bottom of the screen to see if you've made the kill and most importantly use knife kills when you have to.

I find that knifing head on usually is much more dangerous due to the other player just shooting you easily. I knife to the back and very rarely head-on unless the weapon I'm using isn't suited for the purpose.

I too dislike people who destroy their own crates but I haven't seen it happen yet. The final version will have the ability to kick players out though.

MAR-TYR-DOM3273d ago

I am PERSONALLY waiting for a true sequel to Battlefield 2, i know its in the works but i cant wait.
But BFBC franchise is really solid on the consoles and it has more to do with the economics, the game will generate more many than a PC version would, so i understand why their focus is on BC and not the original BF series.

ShottySnipa4173273d ago

Yeah that happens to me too! I would always miss the swing and either just shoot back or end up dying.

AWESOME demo, btw

evrfighter3273d ago

actually it was their focus on consoles that led to Call of Duty becoming as big as it was.

Without the pc community behind them. DICE was left in the dust by Infinity Ward. It seems they've learned their lesson and are giving PC gamers the VIP treatment this time around.

PC Battlefield had always kept CoD in check and DICE/EA never realized it. Instead they opted to try and cash in on the heavily exploited console user base and failed horribly.

TheBand1t3273d ago

Heh, I'm ranked at 401 in the leaderboards, and all I do is engineering most of the time.

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GSpartan7773273d ago

That is till they are forced to buy the game and some players will always drop their pre-order due to some reasons. Beta players can't really be considered legit players when the game itself comes out. Anybody involved in the PC Gaming community would know that.

GLoRyKnoT3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

Can't wait!

omni_atlas3273d ago

Played the PS3 beta and the demo; don't have the PC version b/c I don't have a code.

Anyone played both versions? Notice any big difference?

LeonSKennedy4Life3273d ago

PC version (running on a beast of a machine) obviously looks a little better...with less screen-tear and little-to-no framerate issues.

PS3 version looks almost identical...but more screen-tear and framerate issues. NOTHING to worry about though. It's honestly nothing you'd notice unless you really looked for it. : ) No Orange Box here, mate.

PS3 vs. 360 - Identical.

Pandamobile3272d ago

Substantial graphical differences, more players, dedicated servers you can come back to (community gaming), higher than 720p (I don't consider 720 HD. My definition of HD is anything over 1 megapixel), higher than 30 FPS (if your PC can handle it), etc.

It's taken the PC community a matter of days to reverse engineer some of the filetypes used by Frostbite, so it's only a matter of time before we get some community client-side mods going :)

Revvin3272d ago

I'm really enjoying it, I've got it downloaded on my PC, PS3 and 360. I would have bought it on all three platforms if my PC had been up to it but sadly its not. Graphically it has an edge over the consoles but I don't think its 'substantial' as Panda puts it but it is better, not enough to make you want to run it on a PC rather than a PS3 or 360.

I'm absolutely loving the game, the weapons, the environment, the destruction its ruining other games for me. Over the last ten years FPS's have evolved, developers have added more realistic touches like moving away from the 100% health bar which wears down as you get hit, the hit detection itself taking into account body parts and armour on that part of the body. Not running around carrying 10 weapons and swapping instantly between them. Bullet penetration through walls came more recently and now I think players will expect more terrain and structure deformation as it adds a new dimension to gameplay.

Letros3272d ago

The beta has low res textures, and no DX11 tessellation, combine those two and you have a recipe for a high detailed game.

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