PS3: 2 New Peripherals Announced

Los Angeles, CA - June 21, 2007 - Nyko Technologies®, a premier peripherals manufacturer, has shipped two new PlayStation® 3 accessories to retailers nationwide: The ChargeBase, a SIXAXIS controller charger, and the just announced BluWave, an infrared remote control...

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Ebay3rd4230d ago

I agree that we all need an option for charging the controller, but as far as the remote for blue-ray, hell my sixaxis works fine... But I will be getting the charger

ER1X4230d ago

I'd never buy a product too charge my controller when all I have to do is plug it into the PS3.

Just curious why someone would need a controller charger, no offense. :-)

warfed4230d ago

i plug the controller into my laptop when I'm not on the ps3...

macalatus4230d ago (Edited 4230d ago )


1.When you have a really big screen TV and having just only 6 ft. cord may not be enough and awkward at the same time (an even longer cord will cost money)

2.When you have little rascals or a hyper dog in your home and idea of them tripping over your controller cord is just unacceptable (and annoying to boot).

3.You live in a college dorm and your frat mates party all the time at your place (include the tripping factor from above)

4.You don't like the sight of multiple cords starting from your PS3

5.When you play Ninja Gaiden Sigma (in the near future) and you get frustrated that you furiously throw the least your PS3 doesn't get (unintentionaly) dragged along with it.

6. Last but not the least, when you are so deathly afraid that your PS3 will overheat (especially after an xbot gives you karma after making fun of the "ring of death") and just want your controller to be wireless (and fully charged before you play), a separate charger is the way to go.

Snake_Doctor4230d ago

If you really want some money, make a remote that will control the PS3 and my TV/AV components. I will buy it without an afterthought

genix134230d ago

I agree that for me the remote is next to useless, however you have to consider how people less comfortable with the SIXAXIS(a.k.a. parents, etc.) will find it useful because of the more recognizable interface(remote). I think they are the audience that is being targeted with the remote. Also will be getting the charger cause I've become fed up with having to plug the controller and keep the machine running every time it needs to recharge its batteries.

Ebay3rd4230d ago

Well reason being for those who don't leave their playstation on all the time. it allows for Quick charge without unit being on...

Maddens Raiders4230d ago

for the BD player, but that charging unit sounds slick since I already have ports taken for the keyboard, headset, HDD, and PS2 memory card reader.

SmokeyMcBear4230d ago

booo cords coming from the ps3, the only cord I have is for my external HDD, and for now the controller charge. But headset and keyboard? boooo.. bluetooth baby, hehe,, just joshing ya madden. I do wish that sony put that usb in the rear of the console, for the external hdd, thats my only real gripe with the system

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