Microsoft's Gamefest 2006 Conference Details

Gamefest, the premier conference for game development from the company behind the industry leading tools and technologies you use to create games. Discover how the business of creating and distributing games is maturing and how the unique set of Microsoft tools and technologies can help prepare you, your titles, and your company for the continued wave of innovation that is gaming.

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i gotta say, looking at all this, MS really cares about its developers. with the third party support for PS3 looking so shakey, events like gamefest will cement the 360/developer relationship.

happy developers with all the right tools that they know how to implement means more good games!

bizzy126570d ago

cool microsoft is helping developers, they care about every body the consumers,develepers,there employes,the people, donate money to charity not sony they are saying f***k the everybody this time around


EvilVEvil (PC) Review - CGMagazine

Despite a solid shooter experience, EvilVEvil struggles to deliver a meaningful or engaging story.

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Is Concord already dead before its arrival on PC?

Just a day after its early access beta hit Steam digital storefront, Concord seems to be already failing to attract PC players.

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babadivad1h ago

It was dead when it was announced.

KyRo1h ago

I played it for a hour or two. It was better than I was expecting but I can see it getting stale so quickly like so many other Hero based shooters.

It's still baffles me how Factions 2 got canned but this was given the go ahead outside of the very very easy to see MTX potential.

OtterX1h ago

I would have been all over Factions 2. I don't have the slightest interest in Concord. I haven't downloaded the Beta, and don't plan on it.

Redemption-641h ago

The desperation is real when you have to used a close beta to claim a game is dead.

--Onilink--1h ago

Its a preorder only beta (which grants 5 beta codes) that has a concurrent player base of 400 people…

If that doesn’t tell you anything about the lack of interest people have for paying $40 for the game, I’m not sure what else could do it.

Will the free beta get higher numbers? Sure, i’d be surprised if it didnt. But the actual metric for abysmal preorder numbers is still there and getting high player counts during a free beta doesn’t necessarily translate to people actually wanting to pay $40 for the game

-Foxtrot53m ago

Didn’t we all literally do this with Suicide Squad, Anthem, The Avengers, Babylon’s Fall so on?

No one batted an eyelid then but now it’s unheard of and wrong

CrimsonWing691h ago

I mean how many of these are there going to be that can only survive with constant users playing and dumping money into MTX’s? There’s already a couple more popular already with major support. It’s just hard to think this game that hasn’t established a strong following is going to successfully add to that list. If you ask me, it’s just another drop in the bucket.

GhostScholar1h ago

Yes. Not even the ponies want it.

TwoPicklesGood35m ago

I'm enjoying it so far but they are going to have to put in work if they want to keep gamers long term. It's definitively fun.

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Ranking The Coldest, Most Ruthless Protagonists In Gaming

Not all video game protagonists are sweet, jolly, or wholesome. Folks like Agent 47 are cold, ruthless, and reserved and it shows.

Armyofdarkness2h ago

Ah, fond memories of strangling all the people in their hotel rooms in Hitman 1

bunt-custardly21m ago

Lara Croft, Nathan Drake etc, cos they pretend to be the good guys but are mass murderers that show no remorse.