Microsoft's Gamefest 2006 Conference Details

Gamefest, the premier conference for game development from the company behind the industry leading tools and technologies you use to create games. Discover how the business of creating and distributing games is maturing and how the unique set of Microsoft tools and technologies can help prepare you, your titles, and your company for the continued wave of innovation that is gaming.

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i gotta say, looking at all this, MS really cares about its developers. with the third party support for PS3 looking so shakey, events like gamefest will cement the 360/developer relationship.

happy developers with all the right tools that they know how to implement means more good games!

bizzy126160d ago

cool microsoft is helping developers, they care about every body the consumers,develepers,there employes,the people, donate money to charity not sony they are saying f***k the everybody this time around