Sega NYC Media Day: Alpha Protocol Impressions

DualShockers writes: "Out of all of the games that were delayed in 2009, not a single delay upset me more than Obsidian and Sega's Alpha Protocol (AP). And, no it wasn't because i couldn't wait to check out the "romance" scenes. It was because out of everything that was coming out last year it seemed that it would provide the biggest breath of fresh air. On paper, it seemed that developer Obsidian, had put together one of the most ambitious 3rd person shooter/action-rpg game ever. And after what I saw at the Sega NYC media day, I think they just might pull it off."

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Noctis Aftermath3177d ago

Great to finally see some more info on AP even if there wasn't much.

iiprotocolii3176d ago

Metal Gear Solid meets Mass Effect? This game looks and sounds great. I'm looking forward to this title.

Chadness3176d ago

I'll have to keep my eye on this one, especially since its being compared to Mass Effect 2.

Ninferno3176d ago

Sega.... i love sega. cant wait

Tomarcus3176d ago

Interest piqued, but I don't know if I will remember this game in the rush of 2010 releases that I have anticipated for MUCH longer.