Dante's Inferno Super Bowl Commercial

EA has released the commercial for Dante's Inferno that will air during this weekends Super Bowl game.

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RealityCheck3178d ago

The visuals and the action CGI looks great, however the choice of song or more precisely the music style didn't fit well.

young juice3178d ago

ive seen this article a few times but never really paid attention, i wonder why i felt compelled to click this one.

ActionBastard3178d ago

I don't know RealityCheck, I enjoyed the updated beat and use of original vocals. The imagery, in the context of the lyrics in the ad, went together nicely imo.

AbeArceo3178d ago

At first I wasn't sure how well the song fit with the ad/commercial, but after watching it a few times I have to agree with Action actually fits nicely!

FamilyGuy3178d ago

The scope seen in this trailer makes it look like the fight against to devil will be epic. Did you notice how they tried to impress by scale showing how huge the Devil-like monster was, towering over the whole battlefield and how small Dante was in comparison? It's a good ad and playing it during the superbowl should get more than a few additional sales.

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Shendow3178d ago

I don't know if I should laugh for the fact they choose a weird song for a Hell game or the fact that a penis monster almost bit him.

Anyways lol, looks really good in the ad.

Ven10003178d ago

As we know all CG, hopefully Sony comes out with a God of War 3 commercial during the supowerbowl.

AbeArceo3177d ago

My wife was actually pretty impressed lol! Between this and the FFXIII International trailer she's starting to appreciate all this CG stuff.