More Justice For All (Against MW2 Boosters)

DualShockers writes: "Once again, Sandy Ravage went booster hunting this past weekend. The results, as they were last time, are a mixture of sheer awe and hilarity. Duke Nukem and Unreal Tournament sound effects were present, as well as the Hammer of Justice falling swiftly upon boosters. He even ran into a fan of his work in a lobby and recorded the encounter. Scroll a little bit lower to watch the newest iteration of the quickly growing hobby of booster hunting."

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rroded3204d ago

lol they should give this guy a job as a mw2 mod

-Alpha3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

Which I doubt it does.

iiprotocolii3204d ago

This man is great. That's all.

AzarVC3204d ago

If it did, this dude should be first in line.


"your gonna be in friend's dad work for Microsoft" just LOL...Kidos this days...ohh theres no kids on Live forgive me/ Sarcasm. LOL!!!


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Ninferno3204d ago

stop abusing us... as a booster i demand u stop this!

Tomarcus3204d ago

I wish I could destroy cheaters in MW2, the man is a saint.

redsquad3204d ago

Holy crap, this is more widespread than I thought. Have people actually forgotten that you're supposed to *gasp* HAVE FUN when you play games?
How the fudge does cowering in a corner with a 'friend' equate to having fun? Stroking your own ego? Pretending to be a big man (as if status in a game means anything in real life)...

God, either I'm getting old and cynical or a too large portion of gamers this gen are seriously thick.

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