Sonic not returning alone, after all?

"Sega had recently run a promotional campaign for Sonic 4 (then known as Project Needlemouse) which listed potential playable characters who would be featured in the game: the twist being, they struck names off the list every day. It eventually transpired, as predicted, that Sonic was the only name left on the list."


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Shadow Flare3178d ago

I'm really stoked for this game. I don't mind at all if they include Tails and Knuckles. Both I thought were cool characters and had great and unique gameplay mechanics. Sonic 3 was great when tails could help sonic fly and stuff. I'm really looking forward to this. Sega just make the game like you did with sonic 1-3 and it will be awesome. And change Dr. Robotnik's name back to Dr. Robotnik. What the hell kind of name is Eggman?

AntoineDcoolette3177d ago

TBH Eggman was always called Eggman over in Japan but when Sonic released in NA and Europe they changed it to Robotnik for those regions. Don't know why they didn't stick to Robotnik in Sonic Adventure though : /

Candlestickmaker3177d ago

A Sonic game without Tails? What is this, 1991?!

Tails is a must. I adore the little dork.