First-Time Fantasy: "Twiggy" Plays Final Fantasy VII For The First-Time - 2

"Twiggy", PushSquare: "I'm starting to realise why everyone loves Final Fantasy VII so. When I left you last time, I'd been hanging with the lovely Tifa. Shortly after that, we headed straight back to another generator thing. We needed to blow it. Turns out it all went a bit wrong. After a short encounter with the Shinra president (and a boss-fight), I found myself clutching a ledge. That dick-head Barrett wouldn't save me, so I fell. And found myself in the arms of the "Flower Girl"."

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D4RkNIKON3178d ago

FF7 graphics didn't age well..

Gue13176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

Lol so true. I tried to play it not too long ago but the game looks so fuking horrible. Worst graphics in the PSX game library. Like seriously dude. Even Snes graphics looks thousand times better.

FFVII is in serious need of a remake or at least updated character models and CGI. But if they upgrade the CGI then the would need to change the pre-rendered backgrounds too because the game had seamless CGI transition just like FFVIII. But FFVIII looked so much better.

mjolliffe3176d ago

Didn't age at all well...

NaiNaiNai3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

of course it didn't age well.

you guys didn't play it when it first came out.

I'm playing it right now *8 hours back into on well over my 30th playthrough.*

and I have to say the game still looks amazing.

and personally after putting FF8 back in that game sure didn't age well. the CG is pretty but the character models are rather stale.