Dead Space PS3 Is A Very Limited Edition

Reader BilliousB, a resident of Toronto, heard about a local artist that specialised in airbrush work. So he grabbed his PS3, tucked his love of Dead Space under his arm, and paid the man a visit.

This is the end result, an amazing, one-of-a-kind PS3 that features the USG Ishimura - "star" of EA's sci-fi thriller Dead Space - in mid-planet crack. As you can see by the planet's surface and the stars in the background, no expense was spared.

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Nineball21123181d ago

That's so cool... I'd love to have that PS3.

Umbrella Corp3181d ago

I second that Dead Space is the new Resident Evil to horror fans.

Panzerkanzler3181d ago

Well..if you have a bunch of monies just collecting dust then go for it. Mere mortals like us are however probably going to need that money for stuff like food, rent, hookers or more games!

JOLLY13181d ago

Hooker and Blow, baby....hookers...and...blow!

SilentNegotiator3180d ago

I'd be too worried about paint particles getting in the vent to try this.

Not mention I couldn't do anything this cool with an airbrush in a million years :)

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free3sixty3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

Limited edition PS3 means PATCH included on 2nd disc :D!

CernaML3181d ago

Good thing there's no 360 edition. All the paint would have just melted off.

rawd3181d ago

Are we honestly discussing multiple discs

DMason3180d ago

You have to ignore the people in here most of the time. Everyone just has automated responses lol

BeaArthur3181d ago

That is pretty cool. Looking forward to the sequel.

Fishy Fingers3181d ago

Checking his (airbrushers) website he's also done an Avatar themed 360.

Dude knows his way round an airbrush.

Nineball21123181d ago

Man, I think that Xbox with the Avatar stuff might look even better! LOL

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