Sony sells 6.5M PS3s in Q4, posts $871.2M profit

Electronics giant back in black after months in red; PS3's sales jump by 2 million during holidays, but PSP and PS2 sales slump; annual game-software sales estimate cut by 40 million units.

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Chris3993203d ago

- There's going to be a price-drop on the PS2, or, they're expanding it into a new market. (+2 million adjustment)

- They expect the PS3 to maintain it's current momentum and sell through rate (same figures as last year, me thinks).

- They're 5.5 million behind the 360 at this point in time (both companies were using shipped figures, actual sell-through varies).

- Regarding the PSP, It's likely that there will be a PSP2 next year around Christmas, as they're lowering their projections by 5 million units on the device. Hopefully it's as handy as the Go and not too much more expensive. Launching a hand-held over $300 would be a little much, even for tech-enthusiasts like myself.

spunnups3202d ago

I would be the first in line for a PSP2.

Solidus187-SCMilk3202d ago

but a psp 2 with dual analogues will be awesome. I still dont have an I pod so I want something that can hold 15 gigs of music so hopefully it has alot of built in memory.

interrergator3202d ago

i wish i was them makin all that money :)

El_Colombiano3202d ago

The guy who made Sony was once a regular nobody just like you and I. Stop wishing and try at it =)

XXXRATED3202d ago

I say psp2 is christmas 2010 for sure, or they would be too far off and lose fanbase from psp.

lordkemp0073202d ago

I fully expect that corpulent lard bucket Greenturd to announce shortly.

On a second look at our Q4 figures we are proud to say on a technical recount we have sold 6,500,001 consoles and have posted a profit of $871.3.

Michael-Jackson3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

lol, in some way it's true.

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