GamersHell: MAG Review

GamersHell writes: "MAG: It's an innocuous title that does anything but paint a picture of what to expect from a video game with such an acronym. That is, unless, you've plugged hours into the game's Beta program and kept vigilant to any news concerning Zipper Interactive's PS3 exclusive, online-only first-person shooter. In that case, not only would you know that MAG stands for Massive Action Game, but also why you're caught up in a private war between three multi-national factions. No, there's no doubt MAG lives up to its extended name and is a benchmark release for console-based online gameplay, but for all of its technical achievement, it lacks the community infrastructure and contextual support that would make it a compelling addiction."

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Socomer 19793176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

Wait. You mean you didnt get a chance to play with me because im so great or you couldnt get all your friends online? Wait, do you even have any friends on psn?

I dont know how you rate a game based off a 12 year old special needs child yet at the same time the outline is held up to other online only or online priority games by encouraging friends to join up.

Its a 8.0 with strangers?
Thats so helpful to potential customers/S
Sorry, i know you tried with a review but cmon. If you need friends so bad go to Home and get some MAG friends jeez its not that hard.