Star Trek Online: One Million Served

Continuing a long tradition of MMO games based on established IP, publisher Atari has revealed that Star Trek Online has got off to a great start in life.

The new massively-multiplayer game, which was only released earlier this week, has already attracted over one million registered accounts, a number that's sure to grow once word gets around Trekkie circles.

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tdrules3267d ago

Continuing a long tradition of MMO games not beginning in World and ending in Warcraft, it'll last a year and fall by the wayside.

WhittO3267d ago

Well Guild Wars lasted longer than a year!

Maybe not as long as WOW but alot of people are getting sick of WOW now..

Darkfiber3267d ago

Yeah and 90% of those people will be gone by the end of the month. Who cares? From what I've heard it's YET ANOTHER WoW clone with a different skin. Getting so sick of MMO developers not being able to think for themselves. They have to wake up and realize that WoW players are WoW players, they aren't MMO players. Make a game that will appeal to MMO players, not to WoW players. We want something different, we don't want WoW.

moe843267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

Yeah, I may not like ST:O.. but it's not a WoW clone. I'm getting sick of dumb asses who've only played WoW thinking every mmo is a clone of Blizzards flag-ship IP. Try the game out for yourself, and get off the sack of those hating everything that isn't WoW.

The only games that are WoW clones, are the expansions succeeding the World of Warcraft.

On topic, Atari has already confirmed(either this a.m or yesterday) that ST:O doesn't have 1 million subs. Cryptic has 1 million accounts created because of ST:O.

Lionsguard3267d ago

Rofl this is nothing like a wow-clone. The gameplay is horrible, the missions aren't very clear, the animation is stiff and rigid, the starting zone is as horrible as it can be for trying to add action in the starting moments. They should of had you start out at the Academy rather than make you rescue a ship full of dumb npcs trying to fight off even dumber borg who basically just stand there with their thumbs up their butt. The wolf cubs at WoW's starting areas would give me more trouble.

NaiNaiNai3267d ago

god I can't stand wow anymore.

But games like fiesta, Mabinogi, and now Digital devil saga online. are all pretty good.

especially DDSO, its rather amazing for being so new..not to mention free :D can't beat that.