HawtWired: Mass Effect 2 Review


"The new age of RPGs is exciting, emotional, and utterly captivating. With the advent of Mass Effect 2 I have to wonder if there's even a need for another Final Fantasy. And yes, I'm referring to the one coming out next month.

Nothing about ME2 is typical role-playing fare. The visuals, and not just the cutscenes which are done in-game, are the best I've ever seen in a third-person shooter. Worlds are teeming with such life, diversity, and wonder that you might think you're relapsing back into "Avatar"-like depression once the end game hits.

Beware, though. The game may look nice on a standard definition TV, but in order to read ever-so-crucial combat information you might want to consider splurging on a high-def. Because hitting "Incendiary" ammo instead of "Unity" when your team needs a critical health boost will be the exact opposite of staying alive."

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