Sony finally back in the black (but not thanks to PlayStation)

Sony returned to profit in 2009, despite lacklustre sales for its gaming division

Martyn Williams writes: "Sony returned to the black in the last three months of 2009, achieving its first operating profit in five quarters. However, the group was hit by lackluster results from its gaming unit, which saw sales of the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable fall. For the full fiscal year, PS3 sales targets were left unchanged at 13 million consoles."

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frankymv3178d ago

Since the PS2 has seen its swan song, they need to focus on another revenue stream

Guido3178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

And that is the beauty of the brand. Sony is a whole company consisting of many parts that rely on one another. One might struggle but there is always another part that will sit up and help out and in the end, they all come together and make Sony money and make for happy share holders. It's how every business runs, only difference is Sony releases quality products and not shoddy hardware that fails in the 33% range.

Disagree if you are a mamsy pamsy Xbox fanboy.

anh_duong3178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

okay let's focus on "lackluster" ps2 sales.. 2million units IN ONE QUARTER for a 10 year old console.. didn't sony actually raise forecast for ps2 sales?? how can RAISING forecast for a ten year old console be lackluster?? sony actually sold more ps2 than they thought they would...

stupid "journalist".. the industry is full of stupid journalist sometimes i preferred the days when journalist just played and reviewed the games honestly and fairly instead of baiting gamers..

look at this table:

5.6 million ps2 sold in 9 months

that is a lot of consoles for a 10 year old system.. even sony had to raise their projections .. don't think 5.6 million is lackluster

if you are an xbox owner and feel offended by what i wrote please ask yourself why .. there is nothing fanboyish about what i wrote..

i think most console owners would agree with me that 5.6 million consoles sold in 9 months for a 10 year system is not lackluster

Shaman3178d ago

Guido you are saying it like Sony is some kind of God given company.Sony is no were near the status and quality in comparison with competition like it was in 90s...Bravias are no were near the best tvs like Sonys used to be,their products are not really realiable as it once were,ps3 is not even a shadow of ps2(even if it has great games),their mobile phones are the reason why i hate Sony more then MS,while samsung in their premium puts the best technology,sony cant even put 3.5 mm jack just so you can buy theirs sucky wonder Sony is no longer the biggest electronic company.

swift3178d ago

love your humor...made me laugh!!!!!!
mamsy bloody pamsy...haha i like!!!

back on topic....Sony are the bees knees!!!

DaTruth3178d ago

The gaming division is also in the black. So apparently it helped. Also sure Bluray helped a bit, which is thanks to the PS3!

*Article pulls up to full serve gas station*, "Filler'up on premium unleaded fail!

Christopher3178d ago

Wait... they fail to notice that it was due to game sales but did point out it wasn't due to hardware sales? How many years do we have to hear about loss of sales with hardware when we know it's software that makes them the money?

Lifendz3178d ago

that it would've been easy to just release another PS2. A PS2.5 if you will. But Sony didn't do that. They released a machine that was forward thinking and as future proof as possible. And what does that get you? A $h!t load of criticism at jump but an ever growing number of happy customers. I'm not privy to the spreadsheets and the balance sheets. I don't know how profitable or unprofitable their games division is. But I do know that this decision will pay dividends in the end for both Sony and PS3 owners.

darkmurder3178d ago

Yeah and that's why Sony posted a loss for the last 3 quarters...

Anon19743178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

PS3 sales rocked but OH NOES! PS2 sales were down slightly even though they raised the forecasts and PSP sales were down a little. It's the end of the friggin world! Now we've got a story! No one's gonna read about Sony's record PS3 sales or the games division being back in black for the first time since the recession started because that doesn't spell D-O-O-M.

I hate game journalism sometimes.

commodore643178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

Ok time for some nasty medicine.

Sony's NPS (including gaming) has reported a return to profitability.
Does this mean the ps3 is now back in the black?
No, probably not, the headline had it right.

read slide 14 of Sony's own most up-to-date report.

"Sales: Increased by 1.9%
• Mainly due to higher sales of VAIOTM PCs, which experienced increased
unit sales in all regions

Operating income: 19.4 bln yen
• Primarily due to an improvement in the profitability of VAIO PCs, due to
higher unit sales"

The falling PS2 and psp profits were offset by lowered ps3 losses, thus the gaming division remained flat overall.

We can conclude that the *only* contributor to the profitable NPS quarter was the profitability of the VAIO PCs.

It's all in the financial report guys, I even supplied the link and the page number.
All you have to do is read it.


The Maxx3178d ago

I always enjoy reading commodore64's comments. They are always insightful and factual.

Thanks commodore64, you saved me some time having to do it myself and helped those who commented first without actually doing any research.

nycredude3178d ago Show
commodore643178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

@ nycredude.

Thanks for off-topic reply and personal insults.

I find the financial analysis of our common gaming hobby fascinating and interesting. I certainly do have a personal financial interest in such stocks, so this analysis is right up my alley!
In addition, other N4g users have commented that they find my comments insightful, useful, accurate and interesting.

I just like to talk facts and truths, because so often people on the internet lie.
People lie, until someone corrects them.
Often, the person with the facts, is me, providing a fabulous service of financial truth to the n4g community.

So yeah, I am not sure what motivated your comment.
Would you agree your comment is against gamerzone rules?

You need to ask yourself what useful purpose your own comment served.
Did it contribute to the analysis, or was it just a personal attack, out of angry fanboy spite?

My guess is, it's the latter.
Congrats dude.
You win the internet.

The Maxx3178d ago

I have stocks in Sony and MS. Anyone who doesn't are fools. MS's and Sonys stocks were cheap as heck in 09 during the recession. Anyone who didn't atleast grab a couple missed out on a great opportunity.

DaTruth3178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

"Thanks commodore64, you saved me some time having to do it myself and helped those who commented first without actually doing any research."

You might not understand, but commenting on N4G isn't our life! If it were, someone would probably tell us to get a life! They don't pay me to do this!

I'll just let my daughter sit over there with a dirty diaper and hungry, while I research my next comment on N4G!

"($1.1 billion) operating profit for its October-December quarter on the strength of its games and LCD TV segments."

"Sony Computer Entertainment is expected to achieve third-quarter profitability thanks to surging PlayStation 3 sales in the wake of the introduction of the 120GB PS3 Slim."

Luckily, the dude down there saved me the research!

The Maxx3178d ago

"You might not understand, but commenting on N4G isn't our life! If it were, someone would probably tell us to get a life! They don't pay me to do this!

I'll just let my daughter sit over there with a dirty diaper and hungry, while I research my next comment on N4G!"

So what you're saying is that with what little time you come on here to post your "opinions" since you don't have time to post the proof to support you opinions. So you would rather let your daughter sit there in dirty diapers just so you can post an opinion rather than use that time to educate the misinformed...o_O?

Going by your comment history...your daughter is left unattended quite often.

commodore643178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

@ datruth


SO, you supply a link with an unsupported opinion 'piece' by a journalist to counter the evidence of Sony's very own up-to-date financial report?

Dear oh dear.

See what I mean about people disseminating lies and untruths on the internet?

You may wish to consider researching Sony's own financial report, instead of blindly accepting a journalists 'piece' as truth.
Just saying.

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Pen Pooh3178d ago

Incidentally, am I the only one who prefers the look of the old PS3? I miss the gloss. :(

AssassinHD3178d ago

I have to disagree. My wife just picked up a PS3 Slim a couple of days ago and I prefer the way it looks to my launch unit. It is like the newer sexier version. Sure it doesn't have some features like media slots, PS2 compatibility, SA CD support, or Install Other OS, but I don't use those features anyway. I am honestly considering getting a Slim myself.

nix3178d ago

i love your wife already. lol. q:

DaTruth3178d ago

Only one has the glossy black finish that matches my glossy black finished Bravia, my glossy black finished PSP&PSPGo, my glossy black finished Ipod and my Glossy black finish front panel of my DiVinci center console!

But with the layer of dust that builds on them by the end of the week, they all look pretty f'ed!

AssassinHD3178d ago

Yeah my 60GB unit does match my Bravia, but I just like the way the Slim looks more. I like the matte finish and the design just seems more sleek to me. I even prefer the white PS logo over the rainbow colored turnable logo on my PS3.

DaTruth3178d ago

This is what N4G is suppose to be about! Best N4G conversation I ever had!

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csimpson3178d ago

The old one looked better next to a home theatre setup, but the slim is better for portability. Both look better than the Xbox 360, which resembles a biscuit tin.

Penno3178d ago

Biscuit tin? Well, it *is* filled with awesome treats. ;)

Hellsvacancy3178d ago

U ever looked inside a 360? its like MS got Stevie Wonder 2-hav a-go at puttin it 2-gether

Zeevious3178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

My favorite part isn't the warranty banana, it's the unattached wireless adapter that was in there all along -- and under the DVD drive...

"ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED : Looked under DVD drive"

Take a look yourself . . .
. . . It's amazing what great games it plays with that tiny motherboard!

Penno3178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

Wasn't 2009 supposed to be Sony's year? Maybe they should do a Sega and stick to making video games instead of consoles.

Karooo3178d ago

it had goty games and outsold 360 by 2.3 million in 2009.

spinbot_lv13178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

it's more likely that microsoft do the same sega's end,because Sony is one of the most important hardware's manifacturer,microsoft not.this is the reason why microsoft's products are low-end has only 2 fiscal years loss due the recession but microsoft Entertainment division has 8 fiscal years loss

Alan Wake3178d ago

PS3 Back in the Sewers

After 3 Flopz

Dont forget 360 in 2006,7,8 outsell Crapstation 3

and very soon in 2010

Karooo3178d ago

how old are you? wtf

and no PS3 outsold 360 in 2007, 360 outsold it in 2008, PS3 outsold in 2009.

PS3 was not released in 2006.

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