Sony: PS3's best is yet to come

CVG: Sony believes that the best is yet to come from PS3 - and that it will only really 'push the boundaries' of what is possible from the machine in years to come.

SCE Worldwide Studios Europe VP Michael Denny said today that he believes PS3's hardware will eventually be pushed by a game in the same way that God Of War II pushed PS2 to the max.

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Jamegohanssj53177d ago

We've already seen some of the best, there's more to come?


Rangers behold the viewing globe.

It's morphing time!


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Guido3177d ago

What I have seen the PS3 produce is the best games this gen so far. Best graphics, most fun gameplay and the online is getting better and better each day that passes. If somebody were to actually do for the PS3 what GOWII did for the PS2 then you can kiss the competition goodbye. In the end, Sony made a future proof console, not so much for the others.

captain-obvious3177d ago

dude get a life for real
i really feel sad when i see that link
you got to get a life

on topic
best wishes to Sony

Lifendz3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

That's what a 10 year lifecycle is all about.

Guys, I'd seriously leave Bungie alone. The guy is doing this whole double speak thing AND somehow manages to be first on almost every PS3 related story. Heck, almost every PS3 or 360 related story. I don't think the usual trolls or fanboy labels are appropriate here. He's more than that. If you ever see someone in the electronics aisle stabbing PS3 boxes with a butcher knife while wearing a Master Chief costume and crying......well don't see you wonder who that was.

TheDudeAbides3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

I mean 360 is good, but I couldn't live without being able to play games like God of War III, Agent (whatever it is) and The Last Guardian.

There is more to come? Oh my

sikbeta3177d ago

Well, that's OBVIOUS, I mean we're talking about a 10 Years Life Cycle Console, look what the Ps2 did and it wasn't a Hardware Monster, so the Beast3 will do Magic much more easily

Chris3993177d ago

I think you meant a "Cortana" costume, not Master Chief.

Bungie has all the composure of a crazed drag-queen off her meds and/ or meth.

So if you see a bearded, gangly man dressed in a futuristic, feminine, slinky space garb, crying and stabbing PS3's at your local Best Buy... Well that's Bungie.

Don't get too close or he'll lose his $hit, take off his wig and come at you with his Lee Press-On nails.

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Tru_Blu3177d ago

It still doesn't make waffles. Get to work Sony!!

nix3177d ago

lol.. and it doesn't give me bj too... q:

Venatus-Deus3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

But it does let you have a knuckle shuffle

nix3177d ago

i'll post my review after i try that! q:

ElementX3177d ago

You mean there are games better than WNC, MAG, and 3D Dot Heroes coming out? OMG!

starchild3177d ago

Naughty Dog already said that the maxed out the PS3 with Uncharted 2. Of course, with engine improvements you can always squeeze more out of a console, but people shouldn't expect some huge leap. From here on out it will be mostly incremental improvements.

Karooo3177d ago

MAG is awesome its a blast sick game, Sony has 20 first party studios, microsoft has 3.

so you shouldnt be talking about sony really. ps3 doesnt have dvd so it will last 10 years no idea about 360.

ElementX3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

Give me a break, I am just joking around. That's why I was commenting in the Open Zone. I'm not a troll but I play one online (sometimes)

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi_3177d ago

..."WKC, MAG, and 3D Dot Heroes" than 'NO' the xBox 360 has!!! ;-D

4point7BillionLoss3177d ago

even a polished turd will be an improvement....

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Dance3177d ago

StarCraft 2 and Halo Reach?

Bungie3177d ago Show
awesomeperson3177d ago

Taken from the Gamer ZOne:

Bungie - 38 minutes ago
1.1 -
"God of war 3 - Biggest game of 2010

nuff said"

See how delusional it is. It has a different personality for the open zone and gamer zone, (along with a new display pic...). I think we need to refer it to some sort of mental clinic...

Of course the PS3 can do more, when developers can utilize it more and more will we keep seeing its ful potention. Killzone 2 marked the start of the awesome graphics for the PS3 and the games are just flowing in...

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