Manhunt 2: What is "Going to Far"?

Recently a new game for the PS2 has been garnishing alot of attention. Manhunt 2 has been described as being "Disturbing," "Sickening" and "Seriously F----ed up."

Included in the current iteration of the game are scenes depicting rape, necrophelia and the microwaving of a cat all of which are sure to bring a certain shock factor to the game...

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MK_Red4139d ago

The good part about article is the movies. There are violent films like Saw, Hostel which earn R (Like M for Mature) while Manhunt 2 gets AO (NC-17 for movies).

kspraydad4139d ago

Why do the console makers decide? If all the console makers agreed that they were ok with AO games what would the ramifications be to their bottom line? I can't imagine it would be a negative for them.

For instance....All DVD players play XXX movies but I don't see mom and pop America protesting against the machines so why would they in a game's case?

I understand Sony/Nin/MS maybe not wanting to be the publisher/creator but other than that I don't get the 'we don't allow AO' thing

MK_Red4139d ago

Good point.
They shouldn't ban AO games, because that kills the purpose of a rating system. If all XXX/NC-17 movies were banned then what was the purpose of MPAA? And why nobody cares about all that violence and rape in movies but when a game tries to mimick them a bit everyone calls it sick.

G4L4139d ago

I have read books, seen movies, and heard music that depict these same issue yet they continue to be released. People need to remember games are no different, they are works of fiction and to "ban" them is taking away peoples right to make the decision. since when is limiting peoples right to make a choice a good thing. not only that but, being that it is a game I believe that the other mediums (music and movies primarily) depict these thing in a much more realistic way in which i could see it having an even greater effect on the viewer/listener than a VIDEOGAME.

tplarkin74139d ago

When used in that context, it's spelled "Too". Such as , "Too Human".

shysun4139d ago

I'm 27 and I'll be ok with playing this give'it back!

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The story is too old to be commented.