SCEA: Arc is a "code name" for PlayStation Motion Controller

SCEA's comms boss Patrick Seybold has said PlayStation Arc is a "rumored code name" for the upcoming motion controller.

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Slient Knight 93179d ago

if sony do name their motion controller Arc they should name their equivalent nunchuck "Dove"

Lifendz3179d ago

Name says it all. Don't need ambiguous names that only the hardcore will understand.

SixZeroFour3179d ago

watch the rumored "arc" name be the actual name and sony is just trying to cut off "spectulation" like them saying that there wasnt going to be a slim anytime soon, only to have it be confirmed to release a couple months later

LeonSKennedy4Life3179d ago

Motion controller - Arc
Nunchuck - De
Camera - Triomphe

Just a thought...

Also, why do we in America pronounce it "numchuck"?

DelbertGrady3179d ago

The real name will be the Playstation Fleshlight.

TapiocaMilkTea3179d ago

I thought they already registered the domain
I guess they haven't made up their minds yet.......

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