Pre-Purchase Bioshock 2 On Amazon, Receive 40% Discount

BeefJack writes: "Still haven't reserved your copy of Bioshock 2 yet? You're in luck. As it turns out, currently have a deal for those who pre-purchase their copy, knocking the price down to £30; which is a 40% saving.

Unfortunately, doesn't seem to be running the same deal."

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Deadpool1013176d ago

if you click on the link below you can get the game and the art book for £32 at It was £30 yesterday but i guess worl got out so that put the price up. Still a bargain though.

Nihilism3176d ago

:O, thanks for that link, I just found my new permanent game site, games in AUS are insanely priced and that site says shipping is only 99p. + with the currency conversion, it still works out about $55aus per game, whereas the cheapest I can get games here is about $75-85

Are they trustworthy?

smithdown3176d ago

Got my limited-run Rapture Edition yesterday from Zavvi for £29.95. Says they've already despatched it as well! I was going to skip Bioshock 2 cos the first one was just OK in my book, but at this price I couldn't resist. Plus the Rapture Edition isn't being released in America so the PS3 version (region free) will probably be quite sellable!

@dchalfont - Zavvi are pretty good, I've used them for a bunch of things. They used to have a massive chain of high street stores before the recession, now they are online-only and doing well. I think they are owned by the same company as and cos they all have similar offers on at the same time.

itani3176d ago

Or if you click on the link below you can get the game and a Little Sister figure for £35.

LeonSKennedy4Life3176d ago

Why can't everything be about America?


junk-3d3176d ago

Seriously! I would love to get a cheap copy of Bioshock 2!!! I wonder what the angle is on this offer? I mean, this game is going to sell a ton even at full price.

Leviathon64253176d ago

I would think that its cheaper for the UK since the pounds sterling has a quite a higher monetary value then US dollars... so if you think about the prices come close to being a regular priced game in the US.

HOSe3176d ago

i dont see this game being a big seller on ps3, prob 1 million copies in 4-6 months

is that a big seller? i have no idea

exnihilonihilfit3176d ago

With WKC falling short of expectations and MAG receiving mixed reviews, this game probably will fill the void for a lot of gamers. I know I'm going to get it. If Heavy Rain doesn't do well either, then you can expect this, BFBC2 and GOWIII to be PS3's first quarter big sellers. I imagine HR will probably keep Bioshock 2 at bay, though. The PS3's games portfolio is just so well diversified though that it's hard to tell what will really sell over 1-2 million as gamers really have their pick, even if some of the exclusives have not received impressive review scores. This is especially true considering that the PS3 base is becoming increasingly detached from the review community. Basically PS3 gamers no longer trust reviewers. IGN basically decided to commit PS3 suicide, with poor reviews for MAG and WKC and that whole fiasco over ME2 being better than UC2. Can't really blame the PS3 community for turning their backs on reviewers who propagated a fanboy war, then judged their consumers for being fanboys, and then turned out to be fanboys themselves, in effect, turning their back on PS3 owners everywhere.