Dante's Inferno review round-up

CVG: The reviews for EA's Dante's Inferno have gone live - and it's a positive outcome overall.

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BeaArthur3180d ago

I wouldn't call it positive I would call it a decent outcome overall.

erathaol3180d ago

Yeah, it looks that way. Dante just comes up short in this fray of hack n' slash titles coming out this spring. EA might have pushed this out too early and their hard marketing of the game worries me.

Mr_Bun3180d ago

I am picking this up on Tuesday. A lot of people I have talked to, seem to have issue with the religious aspect which I find odd seeing as it puts religion where it a form of fiction.

I love the hack n' slash genre, and I hope this will last until GoW III comes out

tlogank3180d ago

Is that really necessary to try to offend religious people on here? And don't act like that wasn't your intention by calling religion fiction, knowing full well that's not the opinion for many of the readers here. Stop trying to be an a$$ & keep your opinions about religion to yourself or post about it on some other relevant forum.

mrv3213180d ago

Re-read his comment... from reading it I understood it to be that it's better to place a religous game in a fictional enviroment or situation.

Imagine placing a religous game in current day Iraq, surely that factual world is more offencive to place religon in?

Also surely it's his belief that religon is fictional? Which is surprisingly more SCIENTIFIC... I mean I don't really see how one could create energy yet Jesus did. I am not saying religon is wrong, I myself have no beliefs just ideas on how things work. I have no problem with religon none what so ever. I dislike in your face religon or extremist religons but that's justifiable is it not?

This game in my opinion deals with faith very maturely... and I found little offence in his comment.

Mr_Bun3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

If you choose to be offended by my comment, I suggest you hit the ignore button. My point is simply that Dante's Inferno takes place in a fictional world as do many other titles (GoW for example) and that religious content shouldn't prevent anyone from playing this.

As for the relevance, this game is based around religion and is therefore an obvious form of fiction, making my comment applicable

Edit: I would also like to point out that it was you who resorted to name calling....looks like you don't believe in 'the book' either

DelbertGrady3180d ago

God of War is also based on religion, it's just that Roman mythology doesn't have as many followers as Christian mythology. That's why people aren't as upset with its religious aspects.

Moebius693180d ago


I think you meant Greek Mythology

DelbertGrady3180d ago

lol yeah. Greek, not Roman.

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RadientFlux3180d ago

I'm going to give it a rent myself. After try the demo I loved how the story was developing and interested in seeing how it ends.

RealityCheck3180d ago

I agree, it looks like a good rental.

Hakimy3180d ago

you call that list positive? then I guess we all should consider ourselves lucky that we have many "positive" games :P


no wear near god of war killer

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