For Konami, Things Are Hard Without Metal Gear Solid

Konami is home to some of the biggest franchises in gaming history, think Pro Evolution Soccer and Metal Gear Solid. So in the absence of these two titles, the company's financial results are rather grim.

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mjolliffe3182d ago

Risings will make Konami, umm rise.

movements3182d ago

lol, bubbles dude, and the fact that it's multiplatform is even better..

toaster3182d ago

As much as I would like the Metal Gear franchise to stay a Sony exclusive, I think the multiplat decision was a good one. Konami doesn't seem to be doing well financially right now and they will need to recuperate their losses as much as they can and the combined sales of the 360 and PS3 version will definitely go a long way.

Kurylo3d3182d ago

careful now... thats blasphemy to all the sony fanboys around here.

PopEmUp3182d ago

Pro Evolution Soccer anyone?

RAZORLAND3182d ago

Bring back a next-gen 'Contra', everything will be fine...

BlackAvenger73182d ago

MGS 4 was the first metal gear game I've ever played, and Snake's character was the reason I loved it (best game I've ever played)..
but to be honest I hated Raiden, maybe it's just me...

FamilyGuy3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

They should release a new dance dance game for HD consoles. Music games could start selling again.

Is Rising confirmed for this year? They only just announced it at last years E3 and we haven't a stitch of video for it, even a screen shot.

GameGambits3180d ago

Damn Konami for not announcing a Suikoden 6 yet. Hell if they are short on some cash why not just release Suikoden 2 on the PSN for EU/ me we'll buy it. :D

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3182d ago
Foxgod3182d ago

They got some major franchises coming tho, i think the new castlevania has a good chance to become the new king of hack and slash games.
Then theres Metal gear psp, which will probably be one of the best sold psp games ever.
And ofcourse, Rising, if it uses a similar concept to the new Castlevania, its gonna kick some butt.

Konami should also have done a new Suikoden by now, that series got a lot of fans, and the absence of it is also hurting their income.

Hakimy3182d ago

konami should concentrate of enhancing the PES's a popular franchise and it has been doing poorly this gen compared to FIFA .
oh and how about a new Suikoden and ZOE,Konami? ;)

Adolph Fitler3182d ago

Yeh, I hope Castlevania is as good as early glimpses promise. It has failed to make the 3d transition, as all attempts have been lacklustre...but seeing how Kojima is involved in the process of this one, it may have a chance of being good.

They really need to broaden though. Kojima wants to make a fps badly I think, and seeing as the rabid MGS weirdo fanboys would rather him die (and make silly death threats) than move onto another series or genre, it seems he is contemplating making a fps mgs game. Fine by me.

Pro evo suffered 2 straight defeats at the hands of EA's Fifa, so they really need a boot up the arse on that one.

One or two more big gun games would get them out of the black.

I just hope Kojima's next PROPER sequel stays where he wants it to be (on PS3 hardware), without being a fanboy, I just think he has his reasons for this in his knowledge of the hardware, and any compromises may mean we as consumers do not get a legendary developers best efforts.

Bigboss193182d ago

I think Hideo Kojima-san will make the true MGS5 PS3 exclusive after reading his last 3 interviews two of which have been in OPM i think its fair to say he really didn't want MGS R on x360 but konami asked him to do so...and most likely it will flop the true MGS fanbase is on Sony systems

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