Aliens vs. Predator Demo Hits Xbox Live

The Aliens vs. Predator multiplayer demo has arrived on the Xbox Live Marketplace and is now available for download.

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Deadpool1013205d ago

i cant wait to get out of work so i can download this. Anybody played it yet? Whats your verdict?

kingdavid3205d ago

Its okay..

Being a marine feels like you are being hunted down, its intense. Predator is a bit hard, they always saw me coming.

I really wanted a single player demo though.

IrishAssa3205d ago

Motion trakcer, you gotta be quick or wait till their back is turned

Dazel3205d ago

...ripping heads of in furkin ace. Lol

smithdown3205d ago home all day, just so I could queue this from the office. Been waiting for a decent AvP game since I saw Aliens at the tender age of 10 in 1990!

Hopefully my 360 won't have RRoD'd and/or burned my house down....

smithdown3205d ago

Is the disagree cos I left my xbox on and its using electric? Hmmm, well since I recylce, walk to work, only use my car when necessary and work for the goddam Department of Environment - I think I live a pretty 'green' life!

kingdavid3205d ago

Probably cos you said xbox. N4gers are pretty sensitive bout that stuff.

RockmanII73205d ago

At first I thought it said another word, a less than respectable word...