26 brand new Ace Combat 6 screens

Atari announced this morning they'd be bringing the latest in Namco Bandai's classic Ace Combat series to European shores and to celebrate they've sent Totally Xbox 360, 26 brand new screens of the game.

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SmokeyMcBear4190d ago

very good looking plane models, im still not digging the google earth backdrops with pop up buildings though, hope they fix that.

ironwolf4190d ago

I'll definitely give it a try. Maybe even get the flight stick combo.

PLANE is capitalized because the room temperature IQ software on this site won't allow the word c*ckpit. Some programmers need to be flogged in the public square.

tudors4190d ago

Have a Xbox-360 I would be very upset looking at these screens, fortunatly I do have a Xbox-360 so i'm happy.

xbotsRidiots4190d ago

well regardless of you being happy even PS3 owners will be happy, since of course we all know (except you apparently) this is a timed exclusive. so be happy the PS3 will get this.

KoolMan4190d ago

will eigther kill the series or bring them back, nice graphics tho

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