Gran Turismo 5: Impressive Sound Check Leaked

There has been emerged a new video of Gran Turismo 5 with a sound check of a Ford Focus '04.

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hay3180d ago

I always loved how GT sounds.

Good sound system and you're set for a ride.

Guido3180d ago


All others imitate but never duplicate.

thereapersson3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

I knew that PD records every car with high-end equipment, and various configurations on each car to get the most accurate sound possible, but that is just nothing short of amazing. And just think: this is OFF-SCREEN footage. Just imagine how much better it would sound if it was direct-capture.

Great work, PD! It's a shame though, that the game won't be out for a while longer. I was looking forward to playing it before the second half of this year. Good things come to those who wait, I guess... :(

captain-obvious3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

holy crap this game is only getting better and better

PPL were b!tchin about physics.........DONE
PPL were b!tchin about DAMAGE..........DONE
PPL were b!tchin about "speedy feels"..DONE
PPL were b!tchin about the sound.......DONE

whats next ??

nix3180d ago

yup.. you should put the view to driver's seat and play this game. you can hear the wind, engine humming, tires rumbling underneath you and tires squeaking.

bliss. the GT5P was.

Hanif-8763180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

This is the most realistic car engine sound i've ever heard in my life. I guess Kazunori Yamauchi wanted to fix all the flaws that the Gran Turismo franchise had like engine sounds, tire screeching etc.

sikbeta3180d ago

Guys, Kaz Yamauchi-san is a Master and knows how to make a Real Driving Simulator

Gran Turismo 5: The UNIQUE Driving Simulator = EPIC WIN

FishCake9T43180d ago

Dude this is just a Ford!!! Picture the 2008 WRC Citroen C4 hammering through the mud.

Sarick3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

This is something I think most people don't notice. This is something about detail that eludes me.

When your car is at high speed the game will not allow you to fully steer the wheels. If you're driving low speed the tires are allowed to steer at the full range.

Seriously take any of the GT games 1-4 and test this out. Drive slow and turn your wheels all the way right. You'll notice the wheels have a high angle in both game play and replays. Next do the same at higher speeds you see the wheels only turn a fraction of the angle despite the game showing you've fully turned the wheels. This angle will only increase once you've slowed down or are forced to stop.

I know fully turning your wheels at 150mph would probably wreck a car but why does the game restrict your ability to steer the wheels as you get faster. It seems like the games use speed sensitive steering on controllers. It would seem like the game is allowing angle based on the amount of traction the car has. The tire angle always matches the traction turn angle. This is only noticeable at high speeds.

In a real life situation if a person was driving at high speed and turned their wheels full tilt the tires would normally skid for a second then grab as the vehicle turned fully sideways. It would then most likely go into a roll and flip several times. This just hasn't been possible in any GT game I've played.

My comment is in response to this games true to life simulation comparisons. Matching sound etc is wonderful but this little detail has baffled me for the longest time. Since the GT team is fully into making the game as realistic as possible I just can't see how this wasn't noticed.

if anyone wishes to explain this please send me a pm. I'm really interested is how this can't happen in a simulation.

sak5003180d ago


Valid point also another small issue with the real life simulator. When in real life you hit something at 150mph you dont jump back and start driving again.

Sarick3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

I'm not proposing that as a (game) it fails. I'm stating that some things exist that don't seem as real as possible. As a game I've enjoyed every GT 1-4 to some degree. The problem I've had wasn't the game play in terms of fun factor.

Based on your comment I've come to a conclusion that the game doesn't allow drivers to do things outside the perimeters of what it's true intentions are. In other words you're supposed to drive realistically not crashing into people or ramming walls. If a person does these things the simulation simply isn't designed to handle this play style. If a person plays outside the games intentions it seems to not be hypersensitive to them as much as some would want.

I guess I've answered my own question. It's simple this games simulation isn't designed to be crash up or twisted metal bumper cars. So these aspect haven't been incorporated.

TradingWarStories3180d ago

But does anyone know if we will be able to drive cars like this video on GT:5?

beardpapa3180d ago


I believe it's because in real life you can turn your steering wheel a couple full rotations, but on the controller you're limited to the millimeters from center to the edge of the circumference the joystick is allowed to tilt to.

If it took a 180 degree rotation to make your real-life car turn left, and this was applied midway on the joystick then ok. But simulate that same method at higher speeds and moving your joystick midway at 100 mph+ would make it difficult to play the game. You'd really need fine motor skills.

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Shendow3180d ago

Wow the 2004 model sounds better then my 2003 model..... Would be better if their wasn't any sound outside of the game.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi_3180d ago

The ChavBots & ModBots & Micro$oft CRYING!!! ;-D Did you hear it??? ;-D

nix3180d ago

lol.. you cracked me up there.. lol.

DigitalAnalog3180d ago

I've got a feeling they wouldn't NEED to release GT6.

-End statement

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