Rock Band Pricing Revealed

GameStop is listing individual Rock Band pricing as follows:

-Rock Band Bundle (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360) - $199.99
-The Rock Band Bundle for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 includes: Rock Band the game, wireless guitar, drums and microphone.
-Rock Band Game (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360) - $59.99
-Rock Band Drum Set (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360) $79.99
-Rock Band Microphone (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360) - $29.99
-Rock Band Wireless Fender Guitar Controller (PlayStation 3) - $59.99
-Rock Band Wireless Fender Guitar Controller (Xbox 360) $79.99

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Blackmoses5639d ago

and with that will flop! lol

Omega Kaze5639d ago

In some aspect I agree that Its expesive but I think once you play it people will be dying to get enough money to purchase this game. Its going to be like nothing else. One thing that I dont understand is the different pricing between the xbox 360 controller and the PS3 controller, yet the total package for the game is the same for both the systems.

BIadestarX5639d ago

I was asking myself the same question.

btkadams5639d ago

i believe they said in an interview recently that microsoft required something extra to be put into the controller. maybe building costs pshed up the price? i dunno, but that is odd.

and 200$ for the entire set? dammm thats expensive. but obviously im still getting it.

Siesser5639d ago

Well, PS3 peripherals just have to be blue-tooth compatible, but Microsoft has some kind of licensing or control over all wireless accessories for their system, right? Maybe that's affecting the cost.

BOOSTIN5639d ago

the 360 uses some different type of wireless technology. bluetooth is cheaper.

Adamalicious5639d ago

Yes, Microsoft has proprietary wireless technology that up until now they wouldn't license, but Rock Band and GH3 will be using. That is absolutely what is driving up the price and another reason I'll probably get this for PS3.

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nscope045639d ago

looks like the site's down but it should be back up soon (I hope!)

Omega Kaze5639d ago

It really doesnt matter to much if the site is down or up because we have the pricing right here, unless in the actual article they go into detail on the product, in which case I hope they fix it soon.

MK_Red5639d ago

Wow, that almost costs a Wii. I LOVE to have all of them but $200!? And they said they would make players go rob a bank.

DrPirate5639d ago

I'm very excited. I don't care much for singing and drums, so I'll just get the game and the PS3 guitar to play some online Guitar Hero.

If the drums aspect begins to interest me later on, I'll wait for a price drop.

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