Eurogamer: Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round 24

Eurogamer writes: "The arrival of 2010 brings us into year three of Eurogamer's cross-platform development coverage, and with it the arrival of a brand new release that defies analysis. It's full 720p. It's a rock-solid 60 frames per second. It's literally the same game on both platforms. A great way to kick off the New Year.

Joining this new title are five other releases subjected to the rigorous Digital Foundry analysis. As per the norm, this feature is accompanied by an enormous mountain of bonus assets for you to check out for yourself."

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The Meerkat3181d ago

But, but, but the PS3 is the most powerful.

If I keep saying it everyone will believe me.

raztad3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

How did you manage to reach such conclusion? That is not what the article says.

@xfans above

Try reading the article first before posting nonsense.


Hehehehe. Well Darksiders is a win for the PS3. But you have a point, I didnt read anything about the "awesome" The Void and Avatar.

It's a win for the xbox I guess.

The Meerkat3181d ago

Put down the joint.

There were 6 games compared.
4 were a a draw.
2 were won by the 360.

Try reading the article first before posting nonsense.

jalen2473181d ago

Its good to see that PS3 is holding its own with multiplatform games these days.

This Face-Off clearly shows that multiplatform PS3 development has come a long way.

This round was essentially a tie. Ignore the guy above me.

Apocalypse Shadow3181d ago

6 or so games compared where only 2 are worth RENTING.

as usual,the third party devs are getting better at making multiplatform titles that look equal.but sony first party devs still lead the way on both bad....all THREE platforms.

at launch,360 lead the way on graphics with games like gears of war.after sony gets their engines done,360 no longer receives ANY awards for graphics over now 360 fans turn to "gameplay" as an excuse.we all know gameplay is first and foremost.but when it comes to graphics,ps3 is leading for consoles.

you can't be equal with half the cars(16=/=8) or half the resolution(1080p=/=640-720p) or half the enemies on screen(killzone2 vs halo3) or having a fraction of players online in a single game(256 vs what...16 or 32?).

these numbers are not equal.ps3 and 360 graphics performance are not equal.all we are seeing are devs that lead on 360 and port games to ps3.or use multiplatform engines from pc to make both versions the same.even the content that could be stored is not the same(6-7gigs to 50gigs per disc)

when ***ONE*** 360 exclusive beats the best ps3 exclusive in graphics,then bring up comparisons.but so far,even sony's baseball game is smoking the 360 in graphics.and it just won't end there.

3D won't be equal and motion control accuracy won't be equal either because one can't do real3D and it also can't do 1:1 with built in lag.

go on and compare substandard games.but the real MEAT is the exclusive games being made without having to make another version for the other platform.and we all can see who is winning as was foretold since ps3 launch in graphics.even if graphics is not the only thing that makes a game great.

but in less than 3 years,the awards have fallen into ps3's lap.while the "fans" scrape the bottom of the barrel with multiplatform games that lead in nothing.