PS3 Is The Lead Platform For Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing

PSLS: Since its release, the PlayStation 3 has built up a reputation of being rather troublesome to develop for, with its radically different architecture causing many developers to stumble and falter on the console. As a result, many multi-platform games were initially developed for the Xbox 360 or PC before being ported over to the PS3, arguably affecting the quality of the game. Now, it is more common for developers to have no lead platform, and to separate the development of the systems to help ensure that the games are virtually the same. Sega's Sumo Digital however, decided to develop for the PS3 first and foremost when creating their highly anticipated casual racer Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing, a move that was seen as rather effective with Criterion's Burnout Paradise.

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jalen2473182d ago

Its good to see Sega truly supporting the PS3.

ThePlaystation3guy3182d ago

Perhaps Sumo should have done the PS3 port of Bayonetta...haha.

doctorstrange3182d ago

definitely good to see some PS3 loving

DoucheVader3182d ago

Its about time some more developers starting working from the PS3 to port to other platforms. Criteron has proven this is the way to do it.

Sev3182d ago

I couldn't agree more. Having the other console as the lead platform is hindering PS3 games. PS3 being the lead platform makes for a great game on both platforms.

user94220773182d ago

this looks like a fun racing game, can't wait.

T3mpr1x3182d ago

I don't trust SEGA these days, what with the damage they did to their beloved Sonic franchise...I might rent this.