Most Amazing Modern Warfare 2 Care Package Kill

Here is an extremely amazing Modern Warfare 2 Care Package kill. This Care Package drops on 5 people killing them all.

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thereapersson3270d ago

With how easy it is to glitch, hack and otherwise n00b your way through this game, something like this just doesn't impress me anymore.

I much rather prefer hilarious videos like that one sniper kill where the other player knifed the guy camping on the roof of the building.

Winter47th3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

I don't get it, what exactly's so amazing about this vid? We supposed to use our imagination on what happened in the background or something..

meetajhu3270d ago

@1.1 See killer vision at bottom left. Someone kills 5 fellows with single care package! Anyways stupid game with campers noobs FTW!

RamiHixxy3270d ago

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^^ I had more fun reading that than watching this lame video

Major Kanimo3270d ago

mw2 feels like the same old mw1 but instead of getting nade spammed u get care package spammed and not like in this vid lol or am i just a newb at it? i dont care im rocking bfbc2 and it is leaps and bounds better than mw2!!!!!!!!!!

psycho3603270d ago

I hope the make your movement controls tighter in BC2 cuz after playing MW2, BC2 demo felt pretty slow. the movement is like in slow mo. ALso is it just me or one doesnt even know where you're being shot at.. IN MW2 you have a bright overhead radar which will show you the red dot of the enemy firing a non silenced weapon, but in BC2 i can't even react a mili sec to protect myself. THe radar is pretty useless to look at as well.

DavidMacDougall3270d ago

They all sound like they have braces in?

CernaML3270d ago

That's Xbox Live for you.

no_more_trolling3270d ago

i cant believe so many pirates got banned cuz of this game

iforgotmylogin3270d ago

the first 1 was funny now everyone is just picking something and trying to get "amazing" kills

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