What SOE is showing at E3

[email protected] has decided to go on a journey. One that will take us quite a bit of work, one where we may have to "bribe" some companies! Although luckily we have spoken with a Rep for Sony Online Entertainment and they made it very easy for us to know what is going on with them at E3 this year.

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TriggerHippie4226d ago

Cant wait for E3.. only 3 weeks away.

nobizlikesnowbiz4226d ago

10 Predictions of the CLUSTERF**KED E3 '07.

1. Halo 3 doesnt look much better than beta.

2. KZ2 looks like puppy poop. (Guerilla spent the $20 mil on hash!)

3. Bill Gates publicly takes a dump on a PS3 with 360-themed midgets chanting in a circle around him.

4. All Sony games look like garbage, dev's complain that they'd rather stick their d1cks in a blender than dev for PS3.

5. Sony announces new game "[email protected]", so you can play tic-tac-toe on the PSN while doing protein folding.

6. Solid Snake appears and stabs Sony execs. in the face, then runs to Bill Gates, where he hands Snake a stack of cash.

7. Ken K. stumbles in drunk and disgruntled, decides to get naked and jump in the Sony booth, claiming he's an employee.

8. PSN's Home attracts Second-lifers and Home becomes a gay avatar orgy.

9. Sony announces the new doorstop attachment for the PS3.

10. The 360 and PS3 both transform into their true forms. Optimus Prime vs. Megatron repectively. They both do epic battle, destroying most of the city, and inciting WW3.

All this and more await you if you go to E3 '07!

P.S. Everything above was meant to be humorous. To me at least.

WoundedMoon4226d ago (Edited 4226d ago )

If you'd only posted this on another site, it would probably be posted as a humorous news piece...

Lucidmantra4226d ago

<me..5 years in the future>

Man, that was the greatest E3 evaaaaaa...

<goes to n4g to find info about the Xbox 3, PS4, and Nintendo Pii>


Ebay3rd4226d ago

Yeah that is pretty funny....But all in all I just want to play good games and have the coolest features possible for which ever console I decide to play that day...

Mycococo4226d ago

i dont think sony was very open at all. those were their "we dont care about saying these will be shown nor do we care about showing them" games. well besides the agency. or maybe they know we all know what the big games they are going to shw are so they didnt bother including them. instead they want us to feaverisly anticipate them.

MrTeenie4226d ago

This isn't SCEA this is SOE... SCEA is the ones doing killzone/Hevenly Sword and all that.

Odion4226d ago

ya SOE is crap, Sony would be good to close this section down

Lucidmantra4226d ago

Agreed... As someone who has been dealing with SOE for years and years.... They will inevitably shoot themselves in the foot... <still wonders why he pays his Star Wars Galaxies Acct, hoping SOE will get their Shiot together and fix it to its former glory>

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