Madden NFL 11 Cover Athlete Finalists Unveiled writes, "For the first time in the history of Madden, EA Sports will be letting fans vote on the cover athlete. Until now, fans of the series may have had a few guesses, but no concrete details on who the finalists may be."

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Skip_Bayless3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

I think I should grace the cover just one more time before I die. I know I have been stuffing too many turduckens for too many occasions.

But if it must be a player I think Drew Brees should be on the cover because I hate Peyton Manning.

mikeslemonade3181d ago

Lebron James is the King so he should be on the cover of all sports games!

Alcohog3181d ago

All horrible. I won't be buying it anyways...I took the plunge with Madden 10 after taking a break since 2006. Needless to say after 3 years I was expecting more. Do not want.

Bnet3433181d ago

Drew Brees is horrible? Why?

MegaPowa3181d ago

drew brees is not horrible what the hell are you talking about son

ForROME3181d ago

Peyton Manning by far, this guy has to be atleast on one cover he dominates

va_bank3180d ago

Why don't we talk about this on Monday?

Theoneneo813181d ago

I Would want any one of my favorite Players to Stay away from this Cover thing You would think people by now would realize this is a real curse.

stickskills3181d ago

I thought Polamalu would break the curse, but nope... :(

JD_Shadow3180d ago

Actually, Fitzgerald didn't have much of a curse hit him, unless you count his team getting knocked out of the playoffs a part of the curse.

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