Sony Lowers PSP HW, Raises PS2 HW, Lowers SW Projections for Fiscal Year

Sony had a strong quarter overall in its Network Products & Services Division (which includes PSP, PS2, and PS3), but the company has reduced its PSP hardware forecast by 1/3 for the year and software by 1/6.

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TheGameLlama3177d ago

Oh PSP... only popular in Japan.

Duke_Silver3177d ago

That's sort of surprising do to the huge amount of quality PSP games coming out this year

ClownBelt3177d ago

Pretty obvious its not. There really are a lot of promising games that will come out this year for the PSP.

RememberThe3573177d ago

Cool, I haven't used mine since Resistance: Retrobution (great game). Are there any titles I should be keeping an eye on?

PirateThom3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

Peace Walker.
Valkyria Chronicles 2.
Resident Evil.
SOCOM Fireteam Bravo 3.
Duke Nukem Trilogy: Critical Mass.
Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep.
And, of course, Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman! 2: Time To Tighten Up Security!

afroafro3177d ago

yeah, I was pretty surprised when I saw the list of psp games scheduled for 2010. Check the full list here:

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MaxwellGT20003177d ago

Yikes! Hopefully Sony can pull out some big games this year like they did last year.

Braineater24483177d ago

Interesting analysis. Not surprised by PSP hardware.

maskedwarrior3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

PS3 at 33.53 million worldwide. According to GAF the XBox 360 is at 38.7 million.

Pistolero3177d ago

Microsoft announced weeks ago that the 360 was already past 39 million...a Sony exec just stated in an interview that the 360 is 8 million ahead.

i_am_interested3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

he also stated 31 million

peter dille was wrong


peter dille was interviewed feb 3, 2010 - where he claimed 31 million

xbox numbers from DEC indicated ~38.5, Ballmer announced 39 on Jan 7, 2010

Pistolero3177d ago

Peter Dille said that the PS3 was at 31 million and the 360 was at 39 million...obviously both have sold a little more since then...but those were the latest figures.

afroafro3177d ago

Please do not spam the whole thread by repeating your comment all over it.

Petter Dille was wrong. Please take a look at the official sony numbers which was updated today to reflect the oct-dec report.

PS3 has sold 33.5 million units by the end of 2009. (that's excluding Jan sales.

In January, Microsoft announced it has shipped 38.7 million units.

So there you have it;
Xbox 360: 38.7
PS3: 33.5
The gap: 5.2

These are both official numbers announced by the companies and not estimates.

Noctis Aftermath3177d ago

The gap is down to 5.2mil, PS3 will gain huge grounds this year and may even overtake the 360 if things go well.

The 31 million number is obviously older numbers, if you think otherwise you are just trying to do damage control.

RedHurriKane3177d ago

11 mil to 5.2 in 3 years.........only growing smaller by the seconds

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