Sony posts sharply higher net profit

Sony Corp. on Thursday posted a much better-than-forecast profit in the October-December quarter and cut its full-year loss outlook, citing stronger sales and benefits of restructuring steps.

Sony said net profit rose to 79.2 billion yen ($861 million), up from a profit of 10.4 billion yen in the year-ago period, and more than twice a mean profit estimate of 33.73 billion yen of analysts polled by Thomson Reuters.

The Japanese electronics maker said its October-December revenue rose 3.9% to 2.24 trillion yen. Its operating profit was 146.1 billion yen, up from a 17.96 billion yen loss in the year-earlier period.

For the full fiscal year through March, Sony halved its operating loss forecast to 30 billion yen from 60 billion yen. It posted a 227.78 billion yen loss last fiscal year.

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gravv3181d ago

who is the girl in her avatar?

FamilyGuy3181d ago

That's quite a turn around O.O

(only quoting you for higher post view)

commodore643181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

Sony has wisely neglected to share exact details of the ps3 overall profitability.

Eagle eyed readers may note, however, on p23 of the Sony presentation slides that the FY 2009 software sales of ps3 have remained largely stagnant since FY 2008.

FY 2008 ps3 software sales totaled 103.7 million units
FY 2009 ps3 software sales are at 86.3 million units, with only one march quarter to go.

If last year's march quarter software sales are repeated for the upcoming march quarter, then the ps3 will have sold almost EXACTLY the same amount of ps3 software in 2009 as it did in 2008.

Quite honestly, given the fact the ps3 install base increased by OVER one third (13+ million), it find it unsettling to see the software sales stagnate as such.
Further to this, we cannot claim that there were no good games available, nor that developers were lazy, as 2009 FY included KZ2 and UC2 - two amazing blockbusters!

The ps3 needs more software sales.
That much is clear.

Chaos Striker3181d ago

I think they are pretty much on pace to beat the 2008 total software sales though. Although it won't be a 60-100% increase yoy, I am sure they will post a respectable increase given the circumstances. My thoughts are also based on the fact that GoW3 will land before the March Quarter ends. I am not too sure about Heavy Rain sales, but I am sure that these 2 games combined can push Sony to an increase yoy in terms of total software sales.

Gimped Hardware3181d ago

excellent points - which gives credence to the notion that a mass majority of PS3 owners haven't bought the machine as a gaming device but as a blu'ray player - and a decent one too.

This would explain the lack-lustre sales of it's exclusives too.

It's a shame because the PS3 has got some decent games out there - MW2, Assassins Creed2, Fallout3 etc.

TOO PAWNED3181d ago

as PS3 fan sadly i have to agree


sony needs to come up with new and more interesting ways to market the games to the people buying the system as just a BR player.

It's good to see these numbers for sony especially after the last two years with the economy.

I think an interesting move would be to include more demos of ps3 games with BR movies on the disc. they should target them as well. say with something like action movies, throw in the demo of action games.

2-oj3181d ago

Says the biggest, saddest, multi-acounts fanboy here in N4G.

Man In Black3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

The sheer obviousness of this piece of sh!t being a multi-account user is incredible.

Pennywise3180d ago

N4G is really pushing me to stop coming to this site. Any big worthy news I get from this site can be found anywhere.

If having multiple accounts is reason for banning on this site, WHY would they not impose an IP check? What is the point of bubbles if you can just create a new account when you piss enough people off. They just let it ride. The few rotten apples turn into a bushel of accounts and are allowed to bubble themselves up.

I need to break my habit of coming here... or at least reading the comments. I want to swear and belittle most of the people commenting in the only articles I care about - Sony's. I dont care what Major Nelson has to say. I dont care about Robbie Bach or Shane Kim... I don't want to hear about the new ways Natal is going to make people flail their arms. I just DON'T. I want to read about Sony news... I want to read reviews for potential games I am going to buy for my PS3 or possibly my under used PC... but everytime I enter those articles and want to hear what my fellow gamers have to say, we have to put up with people like this who have free roam to undermine us all.

Mods will delete your post if you are offensive or use some of the forbidden words in the gamer zone, but they don't care that people like Bungie will comment in PS3 articles "GOTY" When you know damn well he is being condescending and blatantly TROLLING. Its all for the advertising hits, I guess. Well guess what. Most smart internet users use ABPlus.

PopEmUp3180d ago

that Sony need to invest more into marketing to be able to put the envelope of their software, word of the mouth is still not enough. Although last year advertising was a great attempt but I hope they can improve on that

Mr_Bun3180d ago

It's unfortunate that we have to deal with these trolls all day long, but N4G needs their traffic so they will keep allowing this.

Zeevious3180d ago (Edited 3180d ago )

Either you've got summer of 'gamers' insisting you can't share an opinion but they of course have the ultimate right to share theirs . . .

. . . Or posting links and facts directly from the manufacturer and being told, WITHOUT links and facts that's not right...
"Neither Sony or Microsoft use refurbished/repaired units as sales. This is pretty common knowledge."

Without any links or facts to this "common knowledge" or how the 7-million unaccounted for warranty-360's are accounted for. Sold? Shipped? Scrapped?

The ratio of what I call "hit-piece" sites posted as actual ACTUAL news has become just one "Doomed" "Not Doomed" "Maybe Doomed" 'journalist' step-below a blog after another.

More must be done here to keep the tabloid-web-rumor-console-cult -crap off this site.

I'd like N4G to once again be worth my time and attention...and that only needs the time and attention of N4G.

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gravv3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

thank you for caring so much with PS3 owners =) we love you guys, the world needs more love like this

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